Call Center: Myths Vs Reality

  • Call Center: Myths Vs Reality

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to call centers and how people perceive them. They don’t often realize how drastically call centers have changed over the years. Thanks to constant advancements in technology, call centers are transforming the way they do business and deal with customers. Here are three common myths associated with call centers.

  • Contact centers are “cost centers” not revenue generators

    One common misconception is that contact centers are simply cost centers as opposed to revenue generators. The customer service experience is a top priority. A satisfied and happy customer is far more likely to recommend a company than someone who is dissatisfied. This makes creating a positive experience for the customers absolutely crucial. There is tremendous emphasis on providing quality service which translates into positive promotion and a higher potential for more leads, more customers, and ultimately more revenue.

  • Customers don’t use the phone for support anymore

    This is one of the biggest myths out there. Customers mostly prefer to speak to agents over the phone, according to research, to resolve complicated issues. The telephone is a great way to connect and get questions or problems solved in a timely manner. Often times customers have to switch from web to phones to get their questions answered. It is much easier to clarify a point when you are able to articulate it.

  • Call center managers are only concerned with cost-per-call and chat-bots are replacing humans

    Although cost-per-call remains extremely important, customer satisfaction and the quality of service are now the priorities. It is how companies are differentiating themselves from the competition, and new development metrics have been put in place to measure those areas. It is also often believed that chat-bots will completely replace humans in the contact center. This is definitely a myth as that personalized interaction is the foundation of good service. Humans will continue to answer questions and support customers and will always remain critical components of call centers because the value of human interactions is priceless. Don’t get me wrong, bots can be beneficial because they can eliminate the need for agents to have to answer the same questions time and time again, but the critical and complex situations require that agents are always readily available.

A lot misconceptions will continue to arise as our technology continues to evolve. Human interaction, however, will always be an integral part of the contact center industry. As bots become more apparent their use will continue to serve as a way to answer quick, easy and frequently asked questions. This will allow the agents to do more to positively influence the customer experience… A personalized, human, experience.

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David Carrizales is Senior Vice President over Etech’s On-Shore and Nearshore Operations with an added responsibility for Etech’s Global Training and Development Department. His responsibilities include overseeing Etech’s 6 on-shore centers and our Nearshore, Montego Bay, Jamaica center with focus on contact center operational strategies by conducting needs assessments, performance reviews, capacity planning, and cost/benefit analyses; identifying and evaluating operations state-of-the-art technologies; defining user requirements; production, productivity, quality,

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