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Companies to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Create engaging, interactive and insightful customer interactions with Etech’s, customer engagement solutions, quality assurance and analytics services.

Build better customer relationships with Etech’s Telecom customer service solutions

Quick Responses to Customers

Provide quick resolution to customer concerns using Etech’s home-grown customer engagement solutions, ICE Live Chat, ICE Email and ICE AI Chatbot. Automate responses to common customer questions through self-service channels, identify training gaps and effectively coach agents to deliver superior customer service.

Generate business insights

Leverage the power of data for scaling the progress of your business. With Etech’s QEval, quality monitoring software, listen to the voice of customers, monitor team performance, and generate marketing, competitor and business insights for strategic decision making.

Improve sales conversion

Our team possess wide experience in selling through inbound and outbound voice, chat and email. With the effective engagement strategies, sales methodologies, and agent performance monitoring, Etech identifies the gaps and optimizes the process to ensure higher ROI for customers.

Reduce operational costs

Etech optimizes operations to ensure effective utilization of all resources by identifying hidden insights, predicting customer behavior, understanding the customer journey, reasons for contact, utilizing self-service channels and determining preferred channels of communication. This helps in reducing operational costs.

Etech’s Expertise in Telecom Industry

Read how Etech delivered results for some of our valuable clients in the Telecom industry.

Etech Insights helps Global Telecommunication leader to improve sales conversion with market intelligence study and analysis.

Companies invest strategically to implement live chat for providing sales and after-sales support to their online visitors and customers. It’s an ongoing challenge to improve and sustain conversion rates in order to meet aggressive revenue goals. Also, companies run promotional offers from time to time to drive attract more customers and drive sales and revenue. It is imperative for the sales team to know what customers are saying for the various promotional offers about the products and services offered to them and timely analysis can allow the companies to change their promotional offers to meet the customers’ demands while still being competitive.

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