3 Principles of Quality Monitoring

April 25, 2018 Jim Iyoob

In the competitive marketplace today, your business is exactly what your customers say it is. The internet, and social media in particular, give voice to every customer, whether that voice is pleased, angry or somewhere in between. The interaction between your customers and your contact center employees may be the one interaction that customers take away with them. The one interaction they tell others about. Being willing to regularly review the principles that your contact center operates on, making changes where needed is of utmost importance as businesses work to increase customer satisfaction levels.

Quality Must Be Based on Customer Needs and Expectations

A company that fails to take customer needs and expectations into account may well be a company that fails. Conversely, companies that understand what their customers want and expect in a contact center interaction have made the first real step toward providing great customer service. In most situations, customers first desire is to interact with a real live agent instead of with an automated system. Second, customers expect to have a speedy resolution, no matter why they are calling. Thirdly, customers want to feel as if they have been assisted by an agent who knows the ins and outs of the business, can communicate quickly and effectively and has authority to either resolve the problem or quickly transfer the customer to someone who can.

When human intelligence is combined with artificial intelligence, the result is almost always a higher percentage of contact center agents who meet or exceed customer expectations. This is because the AI system can monitor the effectiveness of each customer interaction which produces valuable data. A total quality monitoring solution not only keeps track of call trends, it can also track related customer feedback. Some systems can even take a few weeks of call history and analyze all the compiled data to see if current call center practices have been helping to meet customer expectations.

High-Quality service Means Proportionally Lower Costs. Poor Quality is Expensive

According to some recent studies, the cost of attracting a new customer is as much as 5-7 times more than the cost of keeping someone who is already a customer. This explains why high-quality service in the contact center is a must, as happy customers remain loyal customers. Customers who have consistently positive experiences when interacting with agents in your call center often become long-term valuable customers.

Achieving and maintaining high quality service in the contact center is not something that can be done once and then dismissed. Instead, there must be a near constant review of calls to determine what is working and what may need to be changed. This is where AI comes in to play. A fully customizable AI solution paired with the human intelligence can be set up to enhance current call quality standards. The desired result is that when contact center employees learn and benefit from data gathered by implementing changes to positively change behaviors to reduce effort and drive customer experience.

Quality and Service Level (Accessibility) Complement Each Other

By using the right kind of quality monitoring system, contact centers are able to improve overall customer experience, meet compliance requirements and better sales results overall. Not only can AI gather information from each call, some programs can also engage in speech analysis, optimization and predictive analysis. Each of these tasks preformed by AI can provide valuable information for improving your contact center. For instance, when speech recognition software compiles data, the invaluable results can be used to teach reps how to improve the handling of each and every call. It may also be beneficial in running trial phone call scripts past customers and reviewing which is most effective.

Call quality can be enhanced even more with AI tools such as the ability to listen to the Voice of Customers (VoC). Not only does this software help identify issues, it also helps point out sales opportunities. In essence, contact centers that use artificial intelligence in an effort to listen to customers, analyze data gained and adjust contact center policies accordingly have a higher level of both accessibility and quality.

Etech Insight

Because meeting and exceeding customer expectations should be a top priority in every contact center, Etech has created a software solution, Etech Insights, meant to work as an AI+HI solution. By synchronizing human intelligence with the data gained from artificial intelligence, Etech Insights can help call centers identify behaviors that will enhance performance. This solution will also help businesses to connect with what customers really want. Learn how to make use of 100% of interaction data while understanding insights that are sure to improve and enhance every part of the contact center with Etech Insights.

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