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Learning is an ongoing process. As experts of contact center operations, Etech’s leaders have published several books over the years hitting some of the most talked about topics in our industry. Dig in and let us know what you think.


Combining Human Intelligence With Artificial Intelligence To Delight Your Customers And Gain Market Share

The growth of customer bases and competition created a need that ensured customer satisfaction and that their questions were being answered appropriately. This led to the creation of customer service channels through various mediums and it became the talk of the town. Customer service required immense efforts and personal interactions between company representatives and consumers. Creating relationships and spending time with customers, ideally in person or perhaps on the phone, were the chief cornerstones to success. The politeness of personnel may well have been the single greatest benchmark used to measure that success.

With Artificial Intelligence being used worldwide in almost all aspects of life, it is changing the way of businesses for contact centers as well. The effects are already being felt; however there is still no substitute for human touch.

This new e-book opens you to:


Leveraging People, Processes & Artificial Intelligence

Today’s consumers want more than good products and good prices. They want good service and an effortless experience as well. In fact, they demand it. They want it fast, they want it good and they want it their way. Part of the challenge for contact centers is that “their way” varies from customer to customer. While one person’s way is via phone, another’s is via an app and yet another’s is via social media. To be successful in today’s environment, you’ve got to be everywhere all the time.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a natural fit for contact centers as it offers a solution for dealing with massive amounts of data. AI applications have the potential to reduce costs, improve customer experience, boost productivity and increase revenue. Learn and understand the power of AI, and gain insights to the needs and demands of your customers.

In the eBook, you will learn about:


Making Sure Your Contact Center Works For Your Business

What is “contact center quality monitoring”? Just stop and focus on the two parts of this phrase “contact center” and “quality monitoring” and it starts to make sense. If your business relies on a contact center, you need to make sure the quality of service provided is up to your standards. Your reputation and your business are literally on the line here and monitoring the effectiveness of customer contacts is a must.

Here is the Table of Contents for your quick reference:

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