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Technology is an inherent part of any organization. Without its interface, it is almost inevitable to do business in today’s competitive era. The complex needs of the operations and to meet the swift demands of the customers, every interaction demands the need of technology. The efficiency and service quality of an organization is largely dependent on technology. And as it is well said, better technology means better operations. Technology surely helps in delivering a great customer experience.

Etech Technology Solutions (ETS), a strategic business unit of Etech Global Services exclusively focusing on meeting the technology demands of the customers, focuses on Software application development, Enterprise AI Solutions, Workforce management, Custom reporting, and Staff augmentation services.


Every business need varies and hence the need for tailored software applications with a customer-oriented solution. ETS develops and delivers business websites, web applications, and desktop applications meeting the complex and competitive market demands. In ever evolving business requirements, with the demand for high-quality code and design requirement, ETS follows complete Software Development Life Cycle, with proven methodologies to deliver superior quality software applications to our customers.


Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data to address specific business requirements and resolve operational challenges. ETS develops and delivers customizable & scalable, human-centric Enterprise AI Solutions and real-time analytics. With over 20+ years of experience of consulting and developing live chat, quality monitoring, chatbot, speech & text analytics solutions, our team at ETS specializes in cognitive approach for creating customer-friendly solutions with an aim to make a remarkable difference for our customers.


With ever evolving business requirements, organizations these days require well-organized and highly interactive software products to resolve their challenges. ETS has experience in developing products like Live Chat, Email Fulfillment, QEvalPro – call center quality monitoring software. We utilize this experience of developing cloud-based SaaS solutions to create dynamic software products for our customers.


Customer conversations are filled with data often overlooked without the partnership between experience and technology. Our teams help identify agent or script effectiveness by applying analytics to what is being said. This can drive change throughout an organization, from agent coaching to product improvement to marketing opportunities. This combination is powerful approach to overall performance enhancement in your industry.


With our belief in delivering quality oriented software applications, ETS follows all the stages of SDLC starting from Discovery and Analysis, till delivery of the project. Our team of QA professionals conduct Software Testing, QA Consulting, Functional Testing, Full Life Cycle testing, Usability and GUI testing, Manual and Automated testing. We don’t just do quality, it’s a promise we make to deliver the best without errors



ETS provides customers with a unique model of dedicated resources deployed for a specific time exclusively working on the particular project. Within this model, ETS deploys experienced and tenured employees as shortlisted by the customer. Here the dedicated resource from Etech’s team deployed on the client’s project is responsible for accomplishing all the tasks assigned by the client.


Deliver amazing employee experience and improve workplace efficiency with effective workforce management services. Our team of workforce management professionals help organizations in capacity planning, forecasting, scheduling and real-time monitoring the team’s performance for effective time management and ensuring that all the resources are at the right place, on the right time.


Reports are the basis for the strategic decision-making process and heavily relied on information, hence of utmost importance. Our team with the help of SSRS, Report Builder, and Report Designer, develops custom reports & dashboards, using any kind of database like Excel, SQL, Redis, or MongoDB. Our team of reporting professionals ensures that customized reports meet the expectation of the different organizational hierarchies and established systems.


ETS works in various technologies like Microsoft.Net, Nodejs, Angular, PHP, WordPress, Mobile Technology, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning driven technology solutions. In the Software Development Life Cycle, ETS follows various proven methodologies such as waterfall model, agile methodologies of implementation with a 100% deliverable success rate.
Being an integral part of many leading brands, ETS focuses on secure software development, by following all the security protocols, standards and best practices for security & data protection In transit and at rest. Our team further utilizes highly efficient QA standards with penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to deliver quality software while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources in order to enable successful business operations. Following all these security practices enable us to:

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