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Do you know what your customers are saying about your company, products or services? Why have they stopped buying from you and why are they considering your competitor? The answer to these questions is right there in your customer interactions. However, monitoring and analyzing each interaction to interpret the true voice of the customer is not only time consuming, but expensive and subject to human error as well.

Etech has solved this problem by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies into their Quality Monitoring solutions to overcome challenges of handling and analyzing large amount of your customer interaction data. Etech’s integrated Quality Monitoring solution with Tethr® makes it possible to listen to 100% of the customer phone calls and uncover insights that improve processes, increase sales conversion, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Etech’s A.I engine, powered by Tethr’s® advanced machine learning platform, listens and analyzes every customer phone call for valuable insights. This platform utilizes contextual understandings to allow companies to make smarter business decisions based on the true voice of the customer. By combining Tethr’s advanced analytics with Etech’s people and processes, it is possible for customers to leverage insights to achieve enhanced operational excellence and agility.

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Top 20 Quality Monitoring Solution Providers – CIO Review 2015

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Our clients have seen the following results with Etech Insights:

QA Customer Satisfaction Percentage
QA Average Order Value Percentage
QA to reduce handle time
Quality Monitoring to reduce agent turnover


Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE), a perfect software solution for businesses to overcome the challenges of today’s competitive environment. ICE has Chat, Email and Etech Insights, and allows you an easy switch over for different functionalities.

Quality Analytics software that allows call centers to monitor customer experience at each customer interaction touch points.

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Etech Insights helps you to measure customer satisfaction at each touch point, delivering actionable insights to improve your customer experiences.

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