How Automated Quality Assurance Impacts Your Team?

  • How Automated Quality Assurance Impacts Your Team?

Is your call center quality assurance team currently overworked and overwhelmed? If so, they are less likely to consistently provide accurate performance assessments and may overlook negative interactions between agents and customers. Spot-checking phone calls due to limited resources is simply not an accurate way to measure performance or identify areas that need improvement.

Thankfully, there is a fairly easy solution that involves outsourcing your contact center quality assurance responsibilities. When you automate quality assurance, you ensure that each and every phone interaction between your customers and your agents is recorded and analyzed.

It is natural for QA staff to worry about being phased out in favor of automated systems, but the most effective automated systems are designed to be used in conjunction with a team of professionals who know how to interpret the data and use it to come up with improvement recommendations. So, how will an automated QA system really affect your team?

Greater Efficiency

Every good QA department is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, and an automated quality monitoring system can help. A standard speech analytics system reveals information about keywords used in phone conservations between customers and agents. This type of system gives your QA team the ability to rapidly review calls based on specific keywords. It also makes it easy to identify any agents who may be making forbidden statements while interacting with customers.

If your QA department is expected to achieve higher level of analyzation detail without help from an automated system, a team member will have to listen to each call personally. This takes a significant amount of time and is not very efficient. By choosing to automate the process, you will give your QA department more time to review and analyze the data to identify specific reasons for poor call results.

More Time for Call Center Improvement Tasks

When your QA staff members are not expected to spend most of the day parsing through calls, they have more time to take care of other important responsibilities, including planning and implementing training for phone agents, reviewing automated analysis reports and coming up with recommendations for improvement. By choosing to automate quality assurance, you give your QA department greater freedom to work on big projects and long-term goals rather than being bogged down with day-to-day phone call analyzation responsibilities.

Choosing to automate your contact center quality assurance does not mean you will need to eliminate your QA staff. Automation simply makes it easier for your QA team to quickly perform their daily responsibilities with maximum efficiency. Your QA team will still be needed to interpret the data received from automated systems and implement effective training solutions to continuously improve call center performance. For these reasons, QA automation should be seen as a way to improve your QA department rather than replace it.

This blog was written by Jim Iyoob, Executive Vice President for Etech Global Services.

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