Benefits of Investing in an Online Chat Sales Channel

The online behavior of the consumers is fast changing as companies continue to grow and provide services online. According to Forrester Research, the online retail sales in the U.S. will hit $250 billion by 2014. When consumers are increasingly shifting towards online shopping and business transactions, the need to have efficient customer service and support functions has emerged. This serves as the right opportunity with significant potential for companies to leverage their online presence to expand their customer base as well as provide quality customer care. Investing in establishing a robust online chat sales channel ensures greater ROI and improves customer satisfaction.

Boosting Online Sales

With customers taking the online route to making purchases, companies are aggressively adopting online marketing strategies to boost their online sales. To generate this revenue, companies are increasingly gearing towards the online chat sales channel as it offers direct interaction with potential customers and ensures a higher ROI and customer satisfaction. The online chat medium can effectively focus on qualified leads in the form of visitors on the website and convert these leads into sales.

The entire sales process can be effectively shortened through chat by positively impacting the customer through quick resolution of queries. Shopping cart abandon rates can also be reduced by targeting such customers through proactive chat and offering assistance during the buying process. Also, a higher Average Order Value (AOV) can be witnessed due to efficient up-selling or cross-selling by agents through online chat.

Ensure Higher Customer Satisfaction

The online chat channel is an efficient mode of communication for providing information that is convenient, easy, and comfortable for the customer. Online chat is a dynamic medium used to promote sales and offer information in real time ranging from technical to product to service.

The skilled chat representatives can provide customers with relevant responses and correct information while driving them along a sales path. This ability to solve customer queries in real-time improves the overall customer satisfaction and makes the online chat sales channel a sought after medium.

Cost Reduction

Reducing the overall operational costs is of great importance to companies today which is an integral part of the process to increase profitability of business. The online chat sales channel reduces the average interaction costs by speeding up the resolution process. Future calls to contact centers are also reduced significantly due to timely resolution of customer queries. Investing in an online chat program is a cost-effective option for both business owners and contact centers as less investment is required to establish infrastructure, technology and staffing of trained chat representatives.

Create Robust Brand Image Online

Having a solid online brand image is essential for generating web traffic and attracting qualified leads. The online chat sales channel can assist companies in creating this brand image by enhancing the customer experience.

The online chat sales channel is rapidly replacing other modes of communication channels such as voice, email, and web as preferred mode of communication to provide customer service and sales growth. Investing in an online chat sales channel can help companies add value to their business.

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