3 Call Center QA Best Practices to Try Right Now

  • 3 Call Center QA Best Practices to Try Right Now

One of the biggest ways a company can increase sales is by focusing on their contact center QA. Call center and BPO quality assurance are some of the top factors in determining a business’ level of success. Etech Global Services can help you find the best solution to address your call center quality analytics. When you utilize programs that analyze your call center’s quality, there are additional specific ways to make sure you’re getting the most from it. Here are the best practices that you should implement in your call center to increase quality immediately.

  • Invest in Training

    The best customer service agents are the most knowledge in their jobs. All top customer service representative programs begin with a highly effective training program. When hiring new employees, you make an initial investment in training and recruitment. You can get a greater return on this investment if your training program can effectively make an employee succeed in your business. You can also get a lower turnover rate by keeping your employees more satisfied. Your training program shouldn’t merely focus on new hires; additional training programs for existing employees can help you maintain top quality assurance for your customers’ experiences.

  • Prioritize the Top Calls

    Another best practice for call center quality assurance involves the type of calls your system spends time to analyze. Rather than picking a random percentage of your entire call database to evaluate, prioritize on your most lucrative or meaningful phone interactions. Insignificant or routine calls don’t always need to be thoroughly analyzed for quality. Your most valued calls may include ones where there is significant interaction between a customer and an agent, calls that involve high volume purchases, repeat calls from previous customers with a problem and calls related to new products. Once you’ve narrowed down the choices to those top calls, you can focus your analysis on samples from that group primarily. That way, you can get more out of your call center quality analytics system.

  • Link Call Center Quality and Customer Data

    The most important method of maximizing your success with a call center analytics system is to link it to other parts of your business. One thing that definitely needs to be in this equation is your data regarding customer satisfaction. No matter what you provide, a product or a service, you must also have some way of analyzing whether or not your customers are pleased with your offerings. Use this information along with your call center data to get a better picture of where your company stands. Customer surveys after a call can help you ensure that your call center analytics are focusing on the right issues. Then, you can take the new information you’ve learned about your customers’ attitudes and feelings and apply it to your training program, making it all link together.

Whether your business is fielding thousands of calls a day or just a few, it’s important to be able to understand how your phone agents are able to deliver service. A comprehensive call center quality assurance program is able to help your business reach its goals faster and more effectively.

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