What Features Should You Expect with Enterprise Live Chat Software

  • What Features Should You Expect with Enterprise Live Chat Software

In general, certain universal features should be included in all live chat software. This typically includes things like access to unlimited accounts, certain workflow enhancements, increased security features, live chat support from the provider, etc. However, users should also consider other enhancements that can greatly improve their experience. This often entails enhancements geared towards cross-channel functions, reporting, and data exchange/integration.

Cross-Channel Functionality

Overcoming the gap between voice and typed chat is an ongoing challenge for live chat software. To this end, cross-channel improvements can help mitigate any existing challenges related to chat functions, thereby offering a better user experience.

For instance, advanced routing can be made possible by combing VoIP and telephony service providers. Such integration sidesteps the common problem of receiving a chat while already occupied with a call without affecting the ability to receive multiple chats or calls while engaged in that specific function. Improvements to cross-channel functions may also include adding a click-to-call feature, which affords visitors to a site the convenient option of contacting your call center via just one click of the mouse.

Reporting Procedures

Reporting can be a huge concern when it comes to live chat, so much so that improvements must expand beyond what is normally expected from enterprise-level software. This should include processes for handling large amounts of data, which is essential for proper analysis.

To ensure all data is being thoroughly analyzed, reporting processes must be able to run on a weekly basis. This includes data generated from multiple levels, such as agent, visitor, and even organizational data. Without this ability your live chat processes are not living up to full potential, which can result in lost time and money.

Data Exchange/Integration

Manual handling of data is quite common with startup companies still attempting to establish a sound foundation. For those businesses at the enterprise-level, such procedures simply will not do. In this case, data exchange/integration processes must offer functionality that matches the scale of a particular business.

Allowing an automated exchange of data can save time and lead to a more efficient process overall. Additionally, implementing custom-designed integrations must also be a factor to afford those features vital to optimally serving your clients.

Additional Enhancements to Consider

Of course, the above information represents a rather general view of the type of enhancements needed to increase functionality of live chat processes. Must-have features can vary from industry to industry, which may require an innovative approach to best serve your requirements. Improvements can also be delineated based on applications related to specific stages in the live chat journey, thereby helping satisfy client needs at every level.

No matter what your individual needs may entail, being able to recognize those features that offer optimum functionality is highly important when seeking reliable software. The above offers a good jumping off point to securing the right software, one that will afford workable solutions to multiple challenges existing within your specific organization.

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