Get More for Less: Saas Vs On-premise Software

  • Get More for Less: Saas Vs On-premise Software

Have you heard of software as a service? Essentially, you move your internal software systems, databases and programs into the cloud with the help of a SaaS company. You’ll see the same (or greater) range regarding your choices in analytics, data management and engagement features. However, you’ll pass off the responsibility of system maintenance, installation and troubleshooting with a simple monthly description. What are the advantages for SaaS?

Data Security and Sensitivity

Regardless of your company’s niche, you likely have sensitive information that must be protected like product advancement techniques or projected release dates. Hacking and data scams are an increasing worry in modern Internet culture and with an on-site system, you must also have the appropriate security measures, meaning more software and support professionals. Cloud services on the other hand, have significantly more expansive security and protection resources since it’s a core of their business and product.

Easy Upgrades and Scalability

When it comes to software, upgrades are dime a dozen and with traditional license software, you may have to foot the bill for these upgrades. However, SaaS services generally upgrade their system across the board with each new update so you see the benefit without add cost. Additionally, many SaaS companies build their products with scalability in mind. When it’s time to move to the next tier, you might have to upgrade your membership, but you won’t have to go through changing your system.

Quicker Implementation

When a traditional software service, you’ll need to wait for the professional installation, teach your IT department how to care for the system and get everyone up to speed. Cloud services take care the IT troubleshooting tasks with support services and generally eliminate the need for timely and costly installation. At most, you’ll have to download a relatively lightweight app and in a few hours, you’ll be ready to start training your team on the system.

Less Buck, More Bang

From previous sections, you may have guessed most SaaS services run on a subscription-based model where you only pay for what you use. These packages usually come with some level of customer support in addition to the programs you need. With the subscription fee, you’ll likely save a hefty chunk of your software budget and you might even be able to eliminate your IT department. Why? You gain access to software troubleshooting with your prescription. You might even be able to train your team using the SaaS training resources.

Greater Focus on Company Success

If you don’t have to allocate people, money and other resources to supporting your software system, you can focus more on actually creating products, doing market research and otherwise improving your company. Move your talent away from resolving structural issues and towards creating quality solutions for your brand in the future.

With SaaS services, you give your company the freedom to move forward without carrying the weight of software upkeep. Through outsourcing these responsibilities, you leave more room to run the company and focus on company goals. Leave your old clunky software behind and Jump into the cloud with SaaS services.

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