Three Techniques to Take Back Control of Your Job

Three Techniques to Take Back Control of Your Job

Self-motivation in the workplace is hard. It takes knowing yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, desires and character. Then, you have to turn that awareness into action. It takes discipline to be a self-leader.

If you find yourself getting off track, a self assessment might be necessary. Ask yourself these three questions to help realign yourself with the job at hand.

  1. What Do I Want From My Job?

    It is important to know what you are hoping to get out of your job. Maybe you are looking for good working conditions, interesting work and promotion to a leadership position. Remember that not everyone has the same desires.

    Communicate with your supervisor. Tell them what you want from your job. If your immediate manager is unwilling to help, try to think of other people that might provide assistance in achieving your goals. Take control of the outcome. Now that you know what you want, focus on what it takes to get there.

  2. Do I Have Assumed Constraints?

    Sometimes our work environment creates constraints and sometimes we do. It is easy to become complacent. If you do the same thing over and over with the same result, you can become dejected.

    Don’t let these assumed constraints hold you back. Try something new. Think outside the box. Sometimes a new perspective is all you need to get past a plateau. Don’t let you be the thing that is holding you back.

  3. Am I Being a Leader in My One on One Meetings?

    Come to one on one meetings prepared to lead. Have an agenda prepared in advance with discussion points already laid out. Show up prepared with recommendations and solutions to problems. Take control of the meeting by leading the conversation. Don’t be content with letting the other person constantly talk over you.

    On the other hand, taking control and being prepared don’t mean you have to monopolize the conference. Direct the meeting in a professional manner. Listen to your colleague and respond accordingly. Having a conversation where you make your presence known without bulldozing the other person goes a long way in directing your career path without burning bridges along the way.

Follow this guide to regain control of the reins. Once you know what you want and can see places you are holding yourself back, it is easier to approach each day and each circumstance with confidence and poise. Leadership requires balance in pursuing your goals. Make people want to follow you on this new path to a more successful you.

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