•   November 01, 2009 Finalist for the HMSDC E-10 Award

    Etech is proud to be recognized as a finalist for the Emerging 10 Award. This prestigious nomination recognizes Houston area minority owned enterprises that are setting trends and embracing the future’s business market concepts. Companies selected as nominees are known for their innovative approaches, community involvement and expertise.


    • The Emerging 10 Award recognizes minority business enterprises making significant contributions to their industry and community.
    • Heightens the awareness of the expanding role minority business enterprises place in Houston’s business marketplace.
    • Communicates successful business strategies that will encourage other companies to strive for excellence.


    Etech’s exemplary accomplishments and respective enforcement of the tagline of Playing by the RulesT is credited with this ranking and the recognition of the Houston Minority Council of Business.



    Jim Iyoob

    Jim Iyoob is the Chief Customer Officer for Etech Global Services. Jim has 30 years of experience in inbound, outbound, chat, analytics, AI, and social media. Jim has an impeccable track record of innovation and advanced business intelligence. Based on his level of expertise, Jim has been featured in numerous publications including CIO Review, Contact Center Pipeline, Connections Magazine, and was also listed as one of the ‘Top 20 Influential People to Follow’ on Twitter by “Iwantitnow”. He has co-authored three books on the call center quality monitoring.