QEval is a 360-degree Quality Monitoring and Performance Management Solution tailored for contact centers. You can Analyze, Coach, and Track performance, all within QEval. QEval helps you build an effective customer engagement strategy with optional speech to text technology to mine 100% of your customer interactions. QEval provides real-time insights into contact center performance, while empowering agents and coaches with actionable insights.

  • Actionable insights into business and customer experience opportunities
  • Streamline Evaluation Process
  • On-Cloud Deployment
  • Targeted Performance Improvement at Agent Level
  • Advanced Reporting Suite

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Ensure a seamless integration process within your eco-system of tools such as Dialing Systems, Call Recording System, CRM, Learning Management Systems, as well as other speech platforms and get access to advance reports, analytics, real-time monitoring and alerts.

Slide Structured Data Converted into Actionable Insights/Reports Call Ingestion:
AI or HI Input
as Required

Coaching Recommendations:

Insights for Improvement
Training Needs Analysis and Identification
Client Process Recommendations: VOC Analysis
Customer Sentiment Analysis
Customer Satisfaction Drivers
Insights for Strategic Decisions

Case Studies

Get Access to Customer Experience Insights

How Etech Helped a 5-Star Rated Hotel and Spa Improve Their Conversions, Operations, Increase Revenue, and Reduce Labor Costs.

The hotel and spa offer their customers with signature treatments and amenities for overall wellness. The client was struggling with two major problems, the guest problem in which client lacked the resources to answer customer queries and the competitive wage market led to high turnover for in-demand positions like receptionists. They lacked the knowledge needed to fix the challenges they faced and hence, outsourced their inbound/ outbound reservations, confirmations, cancellations, and administrative duties of the reception team to Etech. Etech took up this challenge to address these problems of attrition rate, conversion rate, guest satisfaction scores, retail sales, etc.

Industry: Hospitality | Service: BPO Services and Quality Assurance


Watch Etech’s QEval in Action, depicting a clear picture of real-life applications.