Etech Global Services: A Multi-National Provider of Best Shore Solutions

  • Etech Global Services A Multi-National Provider of Best Shore Solutions

As the Founder of a large, multi-national corporation, I get asked many questions. Some questions are very specific and deal with minor day to day issues while other questions are much larger in scope and require a bit more to answer.  Such was the case when I was posed the question: “How does a company with humble beginnings, become a multi-national provider of Best Shore Solutions?”

Before I get to the specifics, let me provide some background information about Etech Global Services.  Etech originated as a division of L.M. Berry and Company in June of 1997. L.M. Berry and Company was one of the nation’s leading telephone directory advertising firms, headquartered in Dayton Ohio.  Etech acquired Berry Direct from the L.M. Berry Company in June of 2003. Since then, Etech has grown to more than 2,500 team members in nine state-of-the-art solution centers in the US, Jamaica and India.

Etech attributes much of its success to the foundational principles that govern our company and define our corporate culture. Those principles are: Integrity, Valuing People, Teamwork, Accountability, Communication, Vision, Adaptability, Humility, Creativity, Teach-ability, Positive Influence and Courage.

Not only do we practice these principles within Etech, but we also practice these principles with every company we serve in the area of call center support. We train our employees to understand the processes, and structures of each company we support and we strive to provide seamless 24/7 customer support.

In the early days, Etech had one customer to support. This proved to be a great training ground for developing our processes and working out the “kinks” so to speak in providing the services they needed. In 2003, Etech began to expand our market share by acquiring new companies to support.  In 2005, we helped one of our clients launch a first voice campaign which proved to be very successful and eventually we expanded into non-voice campaigns such as web-chat services, data cleansing and e-mail services.

Today, Etech is one of very few US companies having our own global infrastructure and capabilities on-shore, near-shore and off-shore to meet our Client’s requirements and offer competitive pricing. Our motto of “Playing by the Rules” and adhering to the highest standards as enabled Etech to emerge as the leader in Best Shore Solutions in the contact center world. While there have been challenges along the way, the successes have far out-weighed them.

This blog was written by Dilip Barot, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Etech Global Services.  Etech employs 2,500 team members across the US, India and Jamaica.  If you would like to learn more about Etech, contact for more information.

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Dilip Barot is the Founder and Chairman of Etech. In this role, Mr. Barot uses his vast experience as an entrepreneur to establish the strategic direction of the company and prioritize business imperatives. Mr. Barot’s “out of the box” thinking has led Etech to developing proven processes in the areas of quality assurance, application development, Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE) and offshore expansion.

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