How Human Touch Improves Automated Quality Assurance Process?

All contact center operations have the aim of providing excellent customer service. After all, that is their reason for existing. However, the definition of what constitutes great customer service can vary significantly between companies, and can certainly affect their level of customer satisfaction. In many organizations, the responsibility of defining the behaviors that describe excellent service falls on the Quality Assurance group(QA).

The Q.A team has the unenviable task of monitoring and analyzing the interactions of agents and customers with the purpose of providing feedback to the employees. This task is challenging because aside from the job’s monotony, no one likes to have their work “criticized”. Nevertheless, the quality assurance effort, when properly structured, can serve as the first line of defense against poor service and can also be a valuable source of information for contact center managers.

Your customers have the choice to switch among various choices. They can move far from your brand, your products, and services in a matter of moments. They don’t have anything to lose. You do.

As indicated by recent market studies, it requires 70% more work to produce another client, over holding an old one. The opposition is so steep and merciless, that one terrible move or a little carelessness can prompt to extreme ruin in the insights of your client base.

So how would you guarantee this does not occur? What gives you the certainty that you will your current customer base while building another storehouse of prospects? The General achievement rate of your business is straightforwardly relative to the quantity of satisfied customers you have and you can accomplish growth if your call center follows proven quality assurance practices.

Your customers should be dealt with like sovereignties. Your activities, customer service skills,approach, and their general service experience ought to make that evident to them, with the goal that they don’t consider exchanging brands.

How to improve automated quality assurance process?

1. A Quality Assurance Officer

An expert can streamline numerous strategies for you to guarantee that your call center quality assurance best practices are precisely what your customers are anticipating.

2. Performance Checks

Visibility equals accountability. It is imperative that you keep agents informed of their quality assurance best environment for a great customer experience. Quality is not a score, it’s a behavior so being congnicent of performance is critical to gaining and maintaining great performance.

3. Call & Chat Monitoring

Regardless of how much I say this, I can’t highlight the significance of this point enough. This is the thing that will give you real at-work performance checking parameters and genuine measurements about the competency level of your agents.

4. Call & Chat Barging

Take control of the situation exactly when your customers (and agent) needs it the most. A productive and proactive approach is by call/chat barging and providing point by point input. Barging empowers immediate coaching and provides specific examples for agents to follow in the future. Customers feel nurtured and significant if an interaction in intercepted and handled at a higher level.

5. Customer Feedback

No customer would superfluously give you a negative feedback if everything has been done to make him feel important. Feedback is a gift – listen carefully to your customers and map back to the core issue. It is critical that you incorporate customer studies along with analytics around VOC feedback to develop solutions that reduce customer effort and increase customer satisfaction.

6. Live Coaching

When training new agents, rather than giving them hypothetical lessons and workshops, it would be more valuable for them to learn through at work demos and trainings. Connect with them in live discussions, live calls, call sessions, and environment observation. This will support their confidence and accelerate their learning.

7. Training Programs

In the event tha you don’t consistently stay aware of innovative advances, odds are that your customers will begin searching for another option. To keep your call center agents in-tune with new programming, CRM overhauls, and the constant evolution of technology, you have to include them in trainings and keep their knowledge fresh. Effective training programs combine traditional classroom type learning with gamification and real-time support and reinforcement of learning.

8. Impetus Structure

Through intelligent structure of data, including voice of customer feedback, you can replicate the most successful behaviors of your best performing reps. Play their calls for different agents on the floor and fuse successful behaviors. Peer coaching is a great motivation structure, which can be founded on the performance. The positive trickle down effect is that your agents get inspired and motivated by each other, which in turn is translated into positive customer experience and sentiment drivers. Establish a “Wow Factor” call library with exemplary interactions that can be used to propel others and act as a reward system for positive behavior.

9. Get your Scripts Right

It is vital that your call agents sound confident and appear to know it all. All positive customer experience is driven more by agent confidence and ownership of a solution than any other factor. Your customers can have a flexible scope of inquiries, so empower your agents with effective scripting and resolution procedures.

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Shawndra Tobias is Etech’s VP of Customer Experience. She has been with Etech since 2000 and has served in various roles including OSS Reporting Specialist, Account Leader, Project Manager and Sr. Director of Operations. In her current role, she determines operational strategies by collection, cleaning and analysis of interaction data that assists clients in delivering an optimized customer experience and enhanced performance.

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