The Right Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment

One of the biggest challenges faced by the online retailers, who are trying to increase their online conversions, is shopping cart abdication. This is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to overcome. Abandoned shopping carts rates are an essential metric for retailers who are worried about expanding on the web change. In the era where Customer Experience is reining the business success charts, business owners are doing everything in their capability to ensure better customer engagement and higher customer satisfaction. Yet they are not able to completely resolve the shopping cart abandonment issue. Each relinquished shopping basket speaks to missed income and offers an open door for retailers to effectively convince such clients to make up the lost deals. It also could be an indication towards a broken sales funnel. A great many dollars are contributed by organizations to streamline their sites to guarantee better client commitment and higher consumer loyalty. Now, it’s time to make a paradigm shift and look at the abandoned shopping cart issue through a different lens.

Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

There are different possible reasons for shopping cart abandonment. The most common ones being inflated shipping costs, having less positive customer reviews, inadequate information about exchange or return policy, not having clear information on the site about shipping policy and a not so friendly user interface that makes the shopping process complex. High price, technical problems, not having flexible payment options etc. are few of the other reasons. Apart from this, there can be different reasons like extravagant transportation costs, an absence of clear data with respect to delivery or trade or an arrival strategy, examination shopping, terrible client surveys, insufficient data in FAQs, and so forth.

Many customers also leave if they don’t find SSL certificates on the website or if they do not find the needed information on the website about the product. Last but not the least, many times customers also make use of shopping carts to get to know the total cost of the product, including the shipping charges for comparing it with other websites and shop on another website if found the charges to be cheaper over there.

The Strategy Shift

Online retailers need to deep dive a little further into the actual reasons behind the shopping cart abandonment by the user. And they should start focusing more on developing strategic moves to convert website visitors into customers. For tackling abandoned cart customers, one of the effective ways would be to use the popular email marketing technique. Online retailers can use emails to remind their customers about the abandoned carts and close the sale.

A thorough reviewing of the various metrics of shopping cart abandonment is very important. Focusing more on the real reasons that offer crucial insights into the behavioral flow of shopping of the customers, pricing, preferences etc. is a game changer.

Live Chat – An effective tool to reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment

Placing live chat on a website does help significantly in reducing the shopping cart abandonment rates. Customers don’t like to wait, and if they don’t find the information that they are looking for, the chances are high of them leaving. This situation could be easily avoided with a live chat.

Interacting with customers via Live Chat is an effective way of building trust among your customers and a proven method of ensuring the best customer satisfaction. Offering live talk amid a pivotal checkout point, on particular pages that offer item data, or in light of predefined tenets can be of awesome help to clients as they can find solutions to their inquiries rapidly and effortlessly. Incorporating Live Chat on your website would provide the customers with timely answers to their questions and would offer instant help at crucial points. This greatly helps in gaining the trust of customers and turning them into loyal returning customers.

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