Did The Pandemic Forever Change How Customers Shop Online? How to Maximize the Digital Opportunity?

By |2022-07-20T04:53:54-06:00July 20, 2022|

The COVID pandemic has forever changed the pattern of how customers shop. The majority of the population has augmented their interest in online shopping platforms.

What does the Future of Live Chat Have to Unfold?

By |2022-10-25T03:55:02-06:00February 18, 2021|

What defines effortless customer experience in today's business environment is a comprehensive 24/7 support system by brands to help their customer base. Though in the past, businesses used to depend on phone calls and emails to answer questions that their customers had, today's organizations are ready with instant answers to customer questions all the time, and the best way companies are providing this is via live chat support. Over time, live chat has become a primary choice for businesses to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently. It has also evolved along the way, adding several attractive features that have remarkably boosted the customer experience delivered by brands worldwide.

How to Make Your Live Chat Service Smarter with Artificial Intelligence?

By |2021-05-22T15:00:23-06:00November 18, 2020|

Live chat is a tool growing in popularity for consumer interactions. It is not an overly complicated system, involving a simple messenger window and sometimes a live chat customer service representative. However, more recently, companies have been turning to artificial intelligence in live chat for additional support to both team members and customers. While this updated approach may seem counterintuitive for improving consumer relations, there are several excellent reasons to incorporate AI into your companies chat sessions.

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