Can you build leaders who are trusted? Etech has a built-in plan!

Can you build leaders who are trusted? Etech has a built-in plan!

Trust plays a key role in developing great leaders. If a leader is not trusted, chances are very low for their team to be productive, successful, or satisfied. Strategic business decisions are key factors responsible for an organization’s success, however, the role of the trusted leadership bench is often left unrecognized. Trust among team members and leaders opens doors to new opportunities and helps everyone in the organization grow at a rapid pace.

At Etech, we explore fundamental principles when it comes to building leaders who are trusted, such as “Trust is personal,” Trust takes time,” and “There is no trust without risk.” Have a look at some key methods explained in The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook we utilize to grow our leaders into trusted advisors.

You Get What You Give

To be trusted by team members, leaders must trust themselves first. Trust is neither a one-way arrangement, nor it can be achieved in a day. Etech understands the math of “You get what you give”, and ensures that our leaders understand the art of trusting others before expecting their trust.

The trust of the people in the leaders reflects the confidence of the leaders in the people.” – Paulo Freire

Principles Over Processes

Trust-based relationships like that of a team member and leader are more sustainable when principles are prioritized. Leaders who stick to their principles earn the trust of their team at a faster pace. Team members who know their leader is trustworthy and will only do right by them, tend to have a more enjoyable work life.

Communication and Transparency

When it comes to building trust among team members, leaders must communicate effectively and remain transparent. Effective communication and transparency help leaders bridge the gap in understanding their team members. This communication helps the team perform better and improve areas where they are lacking. With the absence of proper communication and transparency, team members may feel lost within the organization, become less productive, and lose trust in their leaders.

Prioritize Others

Etech’s leaders follow the 12 character commitments of servant leadership in everything they do; which teaches us to put our team members before ourselves. To be a trusted leader, it is crucial to understand that not everything needs to be about you, it can be about others too. When a team realizes that they are their leaders’ priority, they will naturally start trusting the leaders and their decisions. 


Trusted leaders understand the importance of being available to their team. They are easily approachable and accessible to their team. While preparing the leadership bench, make sure each leader is instilled with a sense of accessibility. This further ensures that the team members will feel more open and connected with accessible leaders.

Empathetic Listening

If leaders want their team to take their advice, then they need to develop empathetic listening. Without listening to team members, leaders cannot understand them, and there is no trust without understanding.

Empathetic listening makes team members feel comfortable, understood, secure, and important to the leaders as well as to the organization. Moreover, when leaders start practicing empathetic listening, they start building better connections with the team, thus, increasing mutual trust and engagement.

Building a bench of trusted leaders may seem challenging. However, with patience, perseverance, planning, and training, it can be simplified.

At Etech Global Services, trust is our priority. We are so committed to building trust that we have implemented a leadership development strategy and adopted this vision as a core goal. We are running 5 years consecutively at walking through the Trusted Advisor Fieldbook in a way only Etech leaders can…..Book Clubs in a REMARKABLE way.  If you want to work with a team that keeps trust as the foundation of every decision, come join our team.

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