How to Lead Team Members During Challenging Times?

How to Lead Team Members During Challenging Times?

Every organization must deal with obstacles at some point. Dealing with a crisis such as the recent pandemic can be challenging and demotivating for team members. Leaders play a critical role in how team members react to adverse situations. A leader’s actions can change the way how team members perceive challenges.

Throughout our careers, we will encounter obstacles and challenges, it’s life! No matter how big or small the challenge you are facing, these principles will help navigate you and those that you lead and serve.

Accept the situation, speak the truth and facts

The first step towards overcoming a tough situation is to accept it. Living in denial is not going to solve the problem. While facing challenging opportunities, the leader needs to be candid and apparent about the circumstances.

Describe the challenges that the organization is facing and communicate the situation. This is what we as an organization know, this is what we don’t know, and this is where we as a team stand currently.

As a leader, it is essential to confront the reality of any situation and be transparent with others. Taking difficult actions such as communicating bad news will stop the negativity and spread of false narratives and feelings of uncertainty within the team.

Lead with optimism and belief

Once you convey the depth of challenges to the team faced by the organization, it is time to work towards improving the situation. Start with optimism. Staying positive and leading with optimism while dealing with a challenge helps in creating a positive influence and establishing firm belief in your team to overcome any challenge.

Being a leader is an influence. The positivity and trust you share with the team decide how you can overcome hardships together.

Plan and Share

While dealing with challenges, everyone on the team must remain on the same page. A leader must ensure that everyone knows the plan and persistently works on the plan. Leaders must be clear in explaining the execution of the plan and expected results. Solid communication leads to precision, and precision leads to strong actions, and strong action leads to quick resolution of problems.

Work towards a progressive future

Once you speak the truth and facts to the team and make a plan to succeed, share an idea of what the future looks like. A promise and belief in a bright future will help team members to overcome self-doubts, stay positive, and prepare for future challenges. When a leader shares a positive vision for the future; it engages, ignites, and rallies teams to come together and work wholeheartedly for the organization.

A belief in a better tomorrow will inspire team members to unite and work towards set goals.

During uncertain phases, it is hard to predict what tomorrow will look like. But every team and organization can succeed by being there for each other, for their customers, and for their communities.

At Etech Global Services, we believe in staying positive and leading with optimism in every situation. Join our team!

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