Building Your Leadership Bench in Today’s Work Culture. How Etech is Setting the Pace?

Building a leadership bench that stays true to today’s work culture is a priority of every organization. Leading companies are investing in activities that can help curate an effective leadership bench. Unfortunately, these efforts are barely meeting expectations as most of the leadership bench-building activities are traditional and do not meet the requirement of the existing generation.

Here’s how the talent pool of the best leaders can be processed to match the pace of today’s work culture.

Define Leadership Skills

Building a leadership bench that is skilled in every aspect can be tricky. However, defining leadership skills beforehand can help. Predefined KPIs will help potential leaders present themselves in the organization to prepare for the role to lead productive and successful teams.

Defining leadership requirements bridges the gap between skills and experience. This way team members or candidates with high potential are identified and provided with leadership responsibilities to escalate their as well as the organization’s growth.

Evaluating Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development programs are key to developing an outstanding leadership bench. Over years, these programs have helped organizations successfully train leaders. However, leadership development programs should be assessed regularly to meet business requirements.

Regular assessment of leadership development programs will make it easy to identify the loopholes in the coaching tactics, redefine KPIs, monitor the organization’s goals, eradicate unhealthy practices, and intensify desired outcomes. If these programs are evaluated regularly, aspiring leaders will get better opportunities to learn and grow per the newest industry trends.

Set a Pathway for Future Leaders

As an organization, you cannot have a highly effective bench of leaders unless you chart out a career growth path for potential leaders. It is important to understand that leaders are not born, rather they are created and nurtured. Even if you have great leaders on your team, keep an eye on the potential ones, the ones that possess the qualities to lead and serve, and give them platforms to demonstrate their skills. Such actions will motivate them to improve and stay true to their potential.

A perfect pathway and good training modules can make succession planning fruitful.

Etech’s Way of Building a Leadership Bench

Etech is committed to the learning and development of its employees and this is why we have established programs that identify and nurture future leaders. Our priority is to make everyone advance in their Etech career, this is why 90% of our promotions are internal.

Our Leadership and Development team has corporate trainers responsible for building the curriculum and delivering training to ensure that we have trained leaders at all levels of the company.

Leadership development programs at Etech are divided into 5 categories. Here is an overview:

Aspiring Leaders Program

Our aspiring leader’s program is designed for candidates who possess the characteristics of a leader. We identify potential candidates and help them grow and learn with 8-week-long quarterly sessions and 2-hour meetings once a week.

New Leader Assimilation Program

Our new leader assimilation program is designed for those who are new to leadership. It consists of 40 hours of training covering 5 full days. This program combines training on Etech processes along with other coaching and leadership modules.

Continued Development

We believe that Leadership is a Journey. This pillar provides solid solutions on demand as well as targeted resources to reinforce our Servant Led culture while living out our 12 Character Commitments.

Coaching Suite

A powerhouse of coaching education customized to skill up any identified behavior. Our coaching suite includes an extensive 3-level certification program which we call Etech Remarkable Certification (L3). To ensure a cadence of excellence we offer advanced leaders Coaching 2.0.

Zoned Reinforcement

Education is worthless unless it is applied. This pillar is Etech’s sweet spot. We meet regularly with executives and senior leadership to reinforce leadership and management based on the immediate needs of the business. This Leadership HIIT (high-intensity impact training) sessions partner to ensure a proper transfer of learning is in action.

In every organization, leadership development programs and succession management strategies must continue. Organizations should focus on giving team members a platform to perform up to their potential and showcase their skills in handling different situations as this is how future leaders can be easily recognized. A regular evaluation of potential leaders’ performance will shape their skills in a way that compliments the organization’s goals and values.

At Etech, our priority is to give equal opportunity to all team members so they can shine and grow. We have specially designed leadership development programs and Internal Job Promotions so the team members can advance and amplify the motto of servant leadership. If you wish to grasp equal and regular growth opportunities, then join Etech.

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