What is the Importance of Human Resources Policies at the Organizational Level?

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To operate a business without implementing effective Human Resource (HR) policies is like telling your people that you are not interested in creating a framework which will allow them to become successful. We cannot deny the foundational significance that HR policies have in an organization. They are not only important to sustain a viable business, but also these policies give team members the guidelines to help them feel confident about working in an organization.

Why are Millennials choosing Live Messaging over Traditional Communication Channels?

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Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are unique, in every sense. Being a part of the industrial revolution, this generation has witnessed the transformation from letters to emails, telephones to smartphones, computers to laptops, radios to smart TVs, and so on. As they have grown in a digital and socially networked world, millennials are quite accustomed to technology compared to the older generations. According to Forbes, they are the biggest spenders and cover the most significant consumer demographics in the world.

How to Become a Preferred Brand of Choice for Customers?

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Expecting the best customer service is not just the right of customers, but a necessity. With buyer preferences constantly changing and evolving, contact center quality monitoring is not only a goal to be achieved but rather a continuous journey of optimization. As a result, organizations must always fine-tune their quality monitoring parameters to ensure that they stay effective.

How Can the Concept of Servant Leadership Transform the Corporate World?

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Servant Leadership culture has been an option within organizational management for a long time, with many organizations  adopting this leadership style to improve their team’s performance. There are many areas in the organization that benefit from the concept of servant leadership.  But what are the key reasons that lead to management adopting a servant leadership style in many successful organizations?

What does the Future of Live Chat Have to Unfold?

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What defines effortless customer experience in today's business environment is a comprehensive 24/7 support system by brands to help their customer base. Though in the past, businesses used to depend on phone calls and emails to answer questions that their customers had, today's organizations are ready with instant answers to customer questions all the time, and the best way companies are providing this is via live chat support. Over time, live chat has become a primary choice for businesses to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently. It has also evolved along the way, adding several attractive features that have remarkably boosted the customer experience delivered by brands worldwide.

Accountability – A Critical Character Commitment For Achieving Winning Results

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Have you ever heard the saying hindsight is 20/20?  For most of us, when we look back on our lives we will often reflect on times where we wished we would have handled things differently or taken heed to advice from those around us. Living close to Houston, I am a bandwagon Houston Rockets fan. There is something special about going to a live game that taps into all your senses.  Vibrant colors, thundering music, the smell of popcorn, and of course the comradery of countless cheering fans rallying their team to victory.

What are Some Effective Ways to Empower and Improve Contact Center Performance?

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Contact centers continue to evolve as an integral component of the telecommunications, insurance, e-commerce, and banking sectors. To reach your company goals, it is important that team members stay motivated and empowered. Effective coaching of call center agents can translate to a direct increase in sales and help improve the overall customer experience. But what are effective ways to make sure team members are empowered? How can you provide feedback that fuels change?

Why is Servant Leadership the Future of Today’s Business Environment?

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With the ever-evolving corporate landscape, there is a huge transformation in the way organizations operate, the behavior of team members and leadership tactics. These days, people assuming leadership roles are mostly from Generation X. This generation was born in the 1980s, have witnessed 2008’s global financial crisis, high corporate layoffs, and witnessed toxic leadership styles from their parents, etc. As a result, emerging leaders understand the importance of empathy, as well as serving peers, while leading them.

Security Brief – What is Malware and How to Fight Back against It?

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It is an unfortunate fact, but cybersecurity is now a serious consideration for every company. Gone are the days when security was something that happened to someone else. Now, security awareness is as much a part of the company culture as the coffee break. Why is this so? Well, the massive increase in cyber-attacks in the last 5-10 years is one reason. Versions of malware, the malicious version of software that causes infections like ransomware, just keep on rising. We must now ensure that employees are taught awareness and how to guard against being exploited by cybercrime.

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