How did the COVID-19 Pandemic Transform the Face of Workforce Management?

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Though we leaders across the corporate world have long recognized that our people’s wellbeing is a crucial factor, the COVID-19 pandemic has let us know how important really it is. During this tough time of the global pandemic, it has become a matter of survival for companies to prioritize the physical and mental wellbeing of their people, as protecting the workforce health and alleviating their stress have become two critical factors, for successful business operations.

What are the Research-Based Proven Ways to Motivate and Enable Productive Employees?

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You hired some stellar people. Now, you want to ensure that they stick around. Well, of course, the salary and other benefits that your organization provides them are significant, but according to studies, these don’t top of the list of motivating factors. Instead, a couple of the most significant facets seem to be peer motivation and feeling encouraged and recognized.

Why is it worth Becoming a Servant Leader?

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Servant Leadership is not at all a new concept. We have read numerous, remarkable stories in the scripture of many great characters who lived their lives to serve others. So, this noble idea was always there but the phrase ‘Servant Leadership’ came into existence in 1970 when Robert Greenleaf created it in his essay on the Servant as Leader.

Why is Effective Quality Monitoring the Secret to Improve Your Brand’s Customer Experience?

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Call quality monitoring is the key to understanding customer experience and is also the most crucial element in identifying trends in customer expectations. While this may have always been an underlying goal of most call quality monitoring, accurately measuring customer experience has been quite challenging. If we look back to the past, we will see that the early call monitoring efforts focused on improving call quality through improved team members’ consistency and call handling. But that only helped companies develop call quality criteria which measured compliance with internal processes and policies, not necessarily translating to a better customer experience.

How to Improve Contact Center Agent Performance?

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A strong frontline is the base of any contact center to deliver an effortless customer experience. With every interaction, agents can make a remarkable impression for the brand in the customers’ minds. If agents, in a contact center, are not efficient enough to deliver flawless assistance, the organization risks losing customers, leading to a poor reputation and loss of revenue. Thus, it is crucial that call centers focus on the quality of interactions by consistently monitoring them to remarkably improve agent performance.

How Should Leaders Embrace Team Motivation?

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How can you consistently get team members who say, ‘I love my job, and I trust my leader!’? Well, team motivation is the key. There are several theories of motivation, and when we’re rightly motivated, there’s almost nothing we can’t do. We can motivate ourselves to build new technologies, make a remarkable change in society, and what not! It is one of the crucial responsibilities of any great leader to foster motivation and encourage employees.

What is the Importance of Human Resources Policies at the Organizational Level?

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To operate a business without implementing effective Human Resource (HR) policies is like telling your people that you are not interested in creating a framework which will allow them to become successful. We cannot deny the foundational significance that HR policies have in an organization. They are not only important to sustain a viable business, but also these policies give team members the guidelines to help them feel confident about working in an organization.

Why are Millennials choosing Live Messaging over Traditional Communication Channels?

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Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are unique, in every sense. Being a part of the industrial revolution, this generation has witnessed the transformation from letters to emails, telephones to smartphones, computers to laptops, radios to smart TVs, and so on. As they have grown in a digital and socially networked world, millennials are quite accustomed to technology compared to the older generations. According to Forbes, they are the biggest spenders and cover the most significant consumer demographics in the world.

How to Become a Preferred Brand of Choice for Customers?

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Expecting the best customer service is not just the right of customers, but a necessity. With buyer preferences constantly changing and evolving, contact center quality monitoring is not only a goal to be achieved but rather a continuous journey of optimization. As a result, organizations must always fine-tune their quality monitoring parameters to ensure that they stay effective.

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