The Future of Customer Service with AI-Enabled Contact Centers

There is a great deal of debate going on around Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking away jobs and replacing people, but when it comes to the CX industry and contact centers, the truth is AI has empowered contact centers to serve their customers better.

The future of customer service lies in utilizing AI technology to create an effortless experience for customers and agents. AI has enabled contact centers to upgrade from analyzing just 2% – 5% of calls and driving conclusions from them, to evaluating 100% of the customer interactions and giving you a wealth of data about the customer experiences and agent performance. You can now have access to post conversational analytics in near real time!

An AI enabled contact center can easily identify the trends and patterns of how top performing agents are delivering great CX and utilize that information to empower the entire workforce. Etech Insights is one such example that offers frictionless access to data sets.

Our data provides insights at scale to help our customers see strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities that affect performance. We understand that anything that creates friction for the agent is felt by the customer, which is why Etech Insights approach to performance management focuses not only on reactive remediation and behavior mitigation but also proactive coaching during training for long term issues, all using data diagnostics to understand where we struggle over time.

Get more insights in this podcast, where Director of Etech Insights, Manu Dwievedi and Etech’s Dean of Global Leadership Development, Melissa Wood unfold the secrets on AI-enabled contact centers and the future of customer service.

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You will be getting detailed insights into:

  • How is AI technology transforming the customer service industry and what impact does it have on the role of contact centers?
  • What are some of the challenges associated with implementing AI in contact centers and how can organizations overcome them?
  • What are some of the key benefits of using AI in contact centers and how is Etech utilizing it to create improved customer experiences and agent empowerment?


Manu Dwievedi - Director, Etech Insights
Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Services

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