What is Etech Technology Solutions(ETS)?

Technology is an inherent part of any organization. Without its interface, it is almost inevitable to do business in today’s competitive era. The complex needs of the operations and to meet the swift demands of the customers, every interaction demands the need of technology. The efficiency and service quality of an organization is largely dependent on technology. And as it is well said, better technology means better operations. Technology surely helps in delivering a great customer experience.

Etech Technology Solutions (ETS), a strategic business unit of Etech Global Services exclusively focusing on meeting the technology demands of the customers, focuses on Software application development, Enterprise AI Solutions, Workforce management, Custom reporting, and Staff augmentation services.

  • Hire Data Scientists & Engineers
  • Hire Developers
  • Hire Web Designers
  • Hire Business Analysts
  • Hire Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Hire Digital Teams
  • Hire Cloud & DevOps Engineers
  • Hire Project Leaders
  • Hire Technical Content Writers
  • Hire CTI Engineer
  • Hire DBA / DB Developer

Why Etech Technology Solutions?

ETS works in various technologies like Microsoft.Net, Nodejs, Angular, PHP, WordPress, Mobile Technology, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning driven technology solutions. In the Software Development Life Cycle, ETS follows various proven methodologies such as waterfall model, agile methodologies of implementation with a 100% deliverable success rate.

Being an integral part of many leading brands, ETS focuses on secure software development, by following all the security protocols, standards and best practices for security & data protection In transit and at rest. Our team further utilizes highly efficient QA standards with penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to deliver quality software while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources in order to enable successful business operations. Following all these security practices enable us to:

  • Establishing security requirements and a means to meet those requirements.
  • Threat Modelling
  • Design applications to meet security and privacy concerns.
  • Documentation of Architecture
  • Change Management
  • Testing including source code reviews, test plans, and patching.
  • Secure deployment