The Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing to the Health Insurance Industry

The health care industry and structure of health care organizations in the United States are in a state of accelerated evolution.  Recent updates, such as the Affordable Care Act, have expanded the need for health insurance organizations to provide members with quality communication that are timely and achieve a high member satisfaction rating while reducing operating costs.

Outsourcing is a logical choice for the health insurance industry.  Hospitals, insurance providers, and private practices find that outsourcing provides a cost-effective, efficient solution to member service, collections, and sales.  Contact centers offering a varied portfolio of resources, such as voice, chat, email and SMS can have a strong, positive influence on the level of communication conducted between the provider and member. Call center standards for the insurance industry are among the highest anywhere.

According to the US Census Bureau 2012, the US Health Care Industry Annual Revenue was pegged at $1.668 trillion with 784,626 healthcare companies in US.

Call centers use the latest technologies and customized software applications for effective medical information protection, secure sharing, and coordination with adherence to HIPAA compliance. Exceptional call center infrastructure paired with agents who have appropriate skill sets and training are key imperatives. Interactions with a knowledgeable and trained representative create positive brand perception and member experience. Another value-add is flexibility – call centers have the ability to provide around the clock staffing, including holiday’s and weekends.

Partnering with a qualified health care call center not only supports quality interactions, but provides “Voice of Member” services that deliver long term benefits.  Constant evaluation, member feedback and process improvement are invaluable in helping clients improve business practices.  This results in an optimization of overall performance, lower labor expenses and enhanced strategic position, which in turn support a healthy bottom line.

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