The Call Centers Role in a Recovering Economy

There is perhaps no more difficult time for any country than when they are experiencing an economic downturn and conversely, there is no better time than when the economy begins to turn around and show signs of life again.

Here in the United States, we are slowly beginning to see signs of economic recovery.  As a businessman, it is always interesting to me to observe the industries that feel the recovery quickly as opposed to those industries that feel the recovery later.  One industry that tends to feel the recovery more quickly is of the call center industry.

In recent years, the call center industry has evolved from being a cost center to playing a more strategic role.  How? By being the first line of contact with customers.  Whether a call center is providing customer service or functions in a sales role, the call center has become the representative of the corporate brand.  The Call Center is the place that delivers your promises to your customers and during a slow-growing economy, they can improve sales and build customer loyalty…….  All while reducing your operating costs.  So how does this work?

Below are a few tips that will build a strong contact center and reduce overall operating costs:

  • Well-trained agents:

    Investing in your agents is one of the primary ways to reduce operating costs.  Agents should be trained in the software system as well as be well-versed in product knowledge. A well-trained agent will tend to stay at the job for a longer period of time, reducing turnover and improving overall efficiency.

  • Empowering Agents:

    Once agents are trained, they should be given the authority to take the necessary actions that will best help the customer. Quick resolution of customer issues is one of the primary elements of superior customer service, giving companies an edge over their competition. This goes a long way in building customer loyalty that can be the difference in growing versus simply surviving in a down economy.

  • Integrated Systems:

    Providing an integrated system, such as Etech’s  ICE, that is easily integrated and provides multi-channel communication. Our ICE system is easily adaptable to any existing platform and offers products that can be used individually or jointly depending on need.

Certainly, there are other factors that can reduce operating costs, but by implementing these tips in your call center you present a streamlined and efficient frontline of communication for your business. This builds customer satisfaction and loyalty that will bring your company through the down economy and to a great place as we move into the recovery.

If you would like more information on how Etech Global Services can assist you, contact us here.

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Dilip Barot is the Founder and Chairman of Etech. In this role, Mr. Barot uses his vast experience as an entrepreneur to establish the strategic direction of the company and prioritize business imperatives. Mr. Barot’s “out of the box” thinking has led Etech to developing proven processes in the areas of quality assurance, application development, Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE) and offshore expansion.

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