Can Contact Center Quality Assurance Be Improved Through Speech Analytics?

Can Contact Center Quality Assurance Be Improved Through Speech Analytics?

When customers reach your contact center they need to have an experience that meets their needs, resolves their concerns, and establishes the trust required for a continued relationship with a company. Effective leaders should establish protocols for assessing that quality in order to ensure that customers consistently receive the very best service. Quality assurance provides valuable insight into current operations and can be used to develop strategies for improvement. Collecting data about the customer experience is a necessary part of achieving these target outcomes and of meeting other department goals. Speech analytics can play a critical role in making existing data collection more effective and accelerating data collection in order to review goals in the future. Many enhanced outcomes can be achieved with the help of this revolutionary technology.

Difficult Tasks Are Easier to Accomplish

In many ways, speech analytics has been regarded as a true game changer in many dimensions of business and in call center operations in particular. Traditionally, quality assessment operations involve managers reviewing the entire record of calls made to identify the outstanding examples that require additional attention. Calls noteworthy for their positive or negative results are selected. Agents responsible for positive outcomes can be recognized and commended for their efforts. Any agents responsible for negative outcomes can receive coaching to improve their service. Even though only 10 – 20 percent of calls will be included in this review sample, data must be submitted for each one in order to gauge call center quality results over a period of time.

This time-consuming process can be greatly aided by automated monitoring. Automated systems can accomplish many tasks that would ordinarily require manual oversight:

  • Monitor the entire volume of incoming calls
  • Categorize all calls for more effective analysis
  • Identify emerging patterns and evolving trends
  • Target coaching topics for agents

Departmental leaders that choose to integrate automated speech analysis systems have been rewarded with a wealth of valuable information that can be sorted into useful categories with much less time. The labor-intensive monitoring and follow-up required for quality assurance can be simplified without sacrificing any effectiveness. In fact, with the help of automated coaching suggestions from the system, phone agents receive direct and personalized assistance in much less time. Given that lack of coaching and guidance is a primary cause of dissatisfaction among call center agents, this function can enhance the stability of center operations in many ways.

Providing Necessary Support for Evolving Quality Assurance Concerns

Quality assurance assessments have always been crucial to solving the enormous puzzle of customer experience and satisfaction. As business leaders discover new ways to think about customer experience, new data points will need to be considered in the quality assurance process. An automated system with integrated analytics for speech will be ahead of the curve with the flexibility required to grow with your company’s needs. This is an ideal addition to any contact or call center wishing to remain at the forefront of customer service delivery.

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco is the President/CEO for Etech Global Services. Matt is a 38-year veteran of the BPO industry. He has held key leadership positions within Dun & Bradstreet, The Berry Company, and Etech Global Services. In the past 38 years, he has spent time in every facet of call center operations and outsourcing processes. Matt has been an avid speaker at many industry events and was featured in the articles of various renowned periodicals including The Wall Street Journal, Contact Center World, Call Center Magazine, Call Center Times and others.

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