4 Golden Contact Center Quality Monitoring Trends of All Time

Contact Center Quality Monitoring

When we speak to contact centers about what’s happening in their organizations, Quality Monitoring (QM) and Quality Assurance (QA) are the two challenges that they often mention. Although you can find there are several effective strategies of quality monitoring available on the internet, not everything makes sense.   Instead, there are some ideal ideas and trends that are based on solid principles and drive great results. Being into the contact center business for more than a decade now, we, at Etech, believe that the below golden trends for contact center quality monitoring have helped us deliver effortless customer experience over the years.

Dissection of interactions


To break down a interactions into different parts and grade these respectively is a smart tactic rather than reviewing and scoring a interactions as a whole.

Here’s the idea –

You need to start with the standard welcome or greeting. Examine how a specific agent is delivering how most of the customers respond to it. Also, look for whether this approach has the desired effect.

Next, you should assess product knowledge. Are the agents prepared to face the customers irrespective of whether it’s an order, a complaint, or a question? Do the agents put the interactions on hold to acquire the required information? Are they following the script? Are the agents speaking with a tone of courtesy and support?  Does the agent have developed skills specific to the type of interaction?

Lastly, you should review the closing of the interactions while examining what sort of the last impression the agents made on behalf of his/her company. This strategy might be a basic one, but many contact centers don’t practice dissecting the interactions into sections and, in turn, fail to 100% monitor the actual quality of the interactions.  It’s worthwhile to note that a solid send-off reduces repeat contacts and improves first contact resolution.

  1. Feedback is a Gift

Whether your contact center determines the quality performance based on internal scoring and KPIs, accumulated data, or solely on satisfaction measurements like NPS, CSAT, one impacts the other.   In the end, the only thing that matters is the customers opinion and assessment of how they have been treated.  Many times there is a disconnect in what managers think is the most crucial factor and  what customers truly care about.  Have the courage to let customers define quality of your contact center’s quality management program based on a frictionless and positive customer experience.

  1. Use of Speech Analytics

In the contact center industry, it fields approximately more than 50 million interactions every day. Hence, even if they are all being recorded, is it possible to monitor all of them?

Quite Impossible!

Isn’t it?

Here, the Speech Analytics comes into the picture. This technology helps generate automated alerts triggered by voice data. While being alerted to these interactions in real-time, managers can react in time to impact their outcome. It defines the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Additionally, with speech analytics being integrated into a interactions recording solution, it’s easy for contact centers to link customer feedback with specific customer interactions. Hence, you will not end up working from a random sampling. Instead, you will work with a subset of interactions that have been flagged as crucial because of the keywords or phrases that customers have used.    AI powered speech analytics takes all the unstructured, valuable data in your interactions and makes it easy to organize, analyze and act upon.

Analytics also helps deliver better marketing intelligence in diverse areas at a lower price than the traditional methods. It further impacts the contact center compliance with data protection regulations. Thus, if there is one trend in contact center quality monitoring that will remain consistently useful for years, it is nothing but the speech analytics. The critical business intelligence that speech analytics generates can amplify both agent performance and customer experience.

  1. The Importance of Kaizen Mindset

The Kaizen Mindset is a business consulting practice that says prioritizing the quality part of any process in everything a company does and making little changes over time can eventually add up to the significant organizational improvement.

It requires every employee to identify what are the areas of concern, identify the reasons behind the issues, develop, communicate and implement countermeasure strategies, and examine the results, to achieve success. When it’s followed right, the Kaizen Mindset can make a real difference irrespective of whether it’s an auto manufacturing plant or the quality management department of a contact center. With this strategy, you can embed quality through small incremental improvements in the interaction monitoring approaches, and it will finally help you achieve fantastic results.

We, at Etech Global Services, believe that technology is just an enabler; it is the humans that create a remarkable difference. Our quality management department, i.e., Etech Insights, follows the above strategies and team up Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence so that they can listen to the customers, identify and analyze the unstructured data, generate actionable insights, improve the processes, and predict better approaches to make the most out of the customer insights. If you strive to implement the best of contact center quality monitoring, contact us today.

Shawndra Tobias

Shawndra Tobias

Shawndra Tobias is Etech’s SVP of Operational Excellence. She has been with Etech since 2000 and has served in various roles, including OSS Reporting Specialist, Account Leader, Project Manager, Sr. Director of Operations and VP of Customer Experience. In her current role, she determines operational strategies by collecting, cleaning, and analyzing interaction data that assists clients in delivering an optimized customer experience and enhanced performance.

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