Contact Centers: A Place for Young Employees to Gain Real World Experience

In today’s rapidly growing, fast paced world, the younger population entering the workforce is at an all time high. Businesses are looking for those young, energetic, dynamic personalities and in turn the younger generation is looking for stability and growth opportunities in their career.

Most career paths are generally restrictive in regards to growth within the respected company. Whether the company is outside hiring or choosing only employees with senior level experience, having the opportunity to grow and gain valuable, real world experience, can be a very rare opportunity for the younger generation entering the workforce.

However, this is not the case for our employees at Etech Global Services. Below we will discuss some of the various positions young professionals would experience working for our Call Center on their path to a successful career.


Since the Call Center is often the first point of contact between a company and their customers, it is imperative that the agents be well trained to handle a variety of customer questions and issues.

Having the opportunity to interact with the customers directly allows our employees to learn and appreciate the value of efficient customer service, sales, tech support, or any other type of service we offer. This experience has proven to be an excellent learning tool for young employees looking to begin working in an exciting atmosphere.

Team Leader

The initial experience and knowledge learned in an agent role can often be what springboards our employees into a fulfilling managerial career. Once an employee has gained experience as an agent, they can begin to move through the ranks of the Call Center.

Our centers offer the position of Team Leader which gives the employee a chance to manage a small group of agents by overseeing call center quality assurance to the customers being served.  Team Leaders work closely with the agents which gives them the first hand experience of what it’s like to manage a team of their peers. This hands-on experience equips our Team Leaders with invaluable life lessons and managerial knowledge.

Account Leader

The next step up from Team Leader is that of the Account Leader. The Account Leader oversees all of the Team Leaders and agents on a specific campaign and has the ability to work directly with our clients. The Account Leader role is one with great responsibility and is one that comes with great experience and knowledge in the Call Center industry.

We have seen some of our most successful and satisfied employees start as agents and move up to this role with immense success. We ensure that each one of our Account Leaders is fully equipped with all the tools and experience needed to be successful and that we are there for them each step of the way!

While all careers have their own unique path, finding one where the company providing the path genuinely cares and invests in their employee’s journey is truly an added benefit. Whether it may be a young professional looking to start their career or an experienced member of the workforce who wants to continue to grow, Etech is the perfect fit for you. We here at Etech firmly believe that our employees are our biggest and most important asset so come apply today and start your exciting career with us!

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