How to Create An Exceptional Customer Service Experience

How to Create An Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Offering exceptional customer service experience will win you some loyal customers. A string of loyal customers who rave about your brand is one of the key things you need to beat the competition.

Exceptional customer service is making the customer feel they are the most important for the few minutes you are attending to them. You assure them that you will do that you can to make their day better.

As a leader in charge of customer service, you want your team to deliver nothing short of exceptional customer service. However, as the days progress, you realize that new challenges arise. You have the perfect strategy and your customer service representatives are well trained and equipped but still you are not hitting the exceptional levels.

Here are four steps that can help you craft a strategy always to offer exceptional customer service,

  • Ask

    Ask your customers what they need. Asking is the fastest way of getting an answer. You may think that you know what customers need, but the answers they provide may surprise you. Most people ask through research when developing new products only. However, you will realize that customers will have feedback all the time. Ask your customers after a conversation for their honest feedback about your products and services.  Do not forget to ask them how best they think you can serve them better. By asking your customers for feedback, they also feel you are you value their opinion, and that increases their satisfaction levels.

  • Listen

    Asking without listening will be a waste of time.  I advocate for active listening because after the conversation, you will remember all the points. Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and at the end you could tell they were not listening to you? Customers are like that too; they can tell when you are actively listening to them and when you are not. Another way of listening to your customers is through call monitoring. You can pick up information that will help you evaluate your current delivery and areas that need improvement.

  • Develop policies

    You have asked your customers for feedback and actively listened to them. Now it’s time to develop procedures and policies in line with the information gathered. Your customers will respond warmly to you once they realize that you are implementing their suggestions. Policies and procedure help you to provide uniform services, and that consistency is important customers. Centre your procedures on what will drive the exceptional customer experience.

  • Remain flexible

    As stated before, challenges arise when least expected. Do not be a stickler of policies and procedures. Some situations call for a different approach to resolving a customer’s problem. For instance, when an angry customer calls, the agent can figure out the best way to calm them down then resolve their issues Empower your agents to make decisions on the move. Evolve with your customers.

In conclusion, asking customers what they need, actively listening to them, and developing procedures in line with the feedback gathered and remaining flexible will help you give exceptional experiences. Crafting is a continuous process, when you reach the third step, you are still working out the first two.

You will provide exceptional customer service experiences by implementing these four tips.

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick joined Etech in 2000 and has held a variety of Leadership positions. In 2005 he helped lead the training of the first outbound and inbound team members in the Gandhinagar, India facility. Built on the success of this original team, Etech has been able to grow the outbound, inbound and web chat sales teams in India from 30 initial team members to its current team of approximately 600+ team members.

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