Are You Prepared Against Cyber Threats?

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How does your company overcome a challenge like cybersecurity?

This question confuses and disturbs businesses of all shapes and sizes today more than ever before. 

Don’t we almost every day seem to read stories of such companies that have suffered the consequences of not having sufficient measures in place to protect themselves? 

It is estimated that the average cost of a cyber threat will be over $ 150 million by the ending of 2020, with the global annual cost forecast to be $ 2.1 trillion! 

And as we are well into this year already, it is indeed proving to be a challenging year. However, the more difficult the challenge, the greater the reward is. We are all aware of the four categories that frame the future of cyber warfare at the organizational level – Employee Training, Hardware Drones, Connected Devices, and Active Defense. We must act mindfully as individuals and as an organization to ensure cybercriminals have no opportunities to take advantage. 

So how do you make sure not to become the weak link that opens the door to malicious activity in your organization?

Be aware of malicious payload campaigns 

An example of a malicious payload would be receiving an email asking you to click on a link. Clicking on this link would then download a file to the target system (yours) and install software that could be malware, ransomware, or even open a backdoor, allowing the malicious actor to access your system where they will then work to gain access to critical systems and files. 

Never fall for Fake Invoices sent via email or text 

You receive an email stating the sender is having a hard time either getting the invoice to the proper location or getting the invoice paid. A PDF or other file is attached, possibly titled “Invoice XXX”, the file can be many things. A credential harvester will attempt to gain access to user credential information, malware, ransomware, etc. 

Credential Harvesters

Credential Harvesters can take the form of emails or messages stating you need to log into your account and verify your information. The message will have a link and will even take you to a site that looks completely legitimate. Always go to the actual URL for the website and never click on a link. This is what the malicious actor is expecting you to do to gain access. 

Ultimately, companies worldwide should identify any vulnerability that exists within their IT infrastructure. If your company is still using old, outdated technology as part of the IT systems, much of this can be exploited by cybercriminals looking for an easy target.

As a result, it is imperative you take the necessary steps wherever possible to maximize defenses, or  have extra preventative measures in place to deter any hopeful attackers. The cybercriminal is always evolving and testing methods to gain access. All that is needed is for one individual to let their guard down and fall victim to an attack. 


Well, indeed, we can’t completely stop cybercriminals from trying to wreak havoc; however, it is entirely within the power of any businesses to reduce the overall impact of the cybercriminals’ actions through proactive efforts.

Is your organization being proactive enough? 

Keep the above safety measures in your mind, stay secure, and make your organization a highly protected one. 

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Ronnie Mize is the Chief Security Officer of Information Technology for Etech Technical Services. Ronnie has been in the technology sector for 20 years and has held technology leadership roles with Microtech America, The Berry Company (a subsidiary of Bellsouth) and Etech. His entrepreneurial background includes extensive experience in technology development and deployment as well as implementation of business processes and defined methodology.

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