Developing the Ideal Leaders of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

During some quiet time this week, I was thinking about and praying for our Etech team members. My thoughts took me to the vision statements for our organization – to make a remarkable difference for each other, our customers, and within our communities. I then pondered how this vision could become a reality, and I thought about these words of wisdom from one of my favorite business writers, John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

I concluded with the following ….. My hope, determination, and prayer are that the world would overflow with great leaders!

Leaders who ……

  • Choose to come to work each day with a positive attitude. That even in the midst of trials & challenges, they would look to encourage each other, support each other and give authentically of themselves to each other.
  • Value others by involving them, recognizing them, giving of themselves to them. That they would respect and encourage the person even while in the midst of holding them accountable.
  • Lead with integrity. That they do what they say and say what we do … all the time. That they would be consistent in how they treated all team members. That they would realize that the ability to influence those around us starts with integrity.
  • Show humility. That they would not gloat of personal accomplishments but that would recognize the accomplishments & contributions of those around. That they would not think less of themselves, but would think of others more often.
  • Are courageous. That they would not retreat or give up in the middle of the battle but would look for ways to win and have the courage to take risks. That they would have the courage to challenge the status quo with customers and each other and were never satisfied with being average.
  • Are great communicators. That customers and team members would know how important they are because these leaders communicate consistently, effectively, and authentically with them. That communication was over the top!
  • Understand what it means to be a team player. That they would leave titles and egos at the door and embrace being part of a team. That they would not look to find weaknesses in each other but that they would recognize, leverage, and celebrate each other’s strengths.
  • Hold them accountable first before earning the right to hold others accountable.
  • Adapt well to change. That they be skilled at finding ways to win by changing the course of action and influencing those around them to embrace the change with them.
  • Commit to a life of learning and investing in them, knowing that the more knowledgeable and skilled they became, the better WE become — leaders who look for opportunities to teach and be taught.
  • Seek out creativity and innovation by enrolling those around them. Those who understand that the ideas of all of us together will always be more robust than the ideas one can generate on our own.
  • Embrace the vision to make a remarkable difference. That they understand it, live it, and cast it to those they meet each day.

We all should have this dream, and it is a great dream! And it is a dream that is becoming a reality!

Until next time, won’t you join me in living this dream and continuing to strive to make a difference in the lives of the people you touch each day?

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