Fighting Against the Covid-19 Outbreak Empathetically

Fighting Against Covid 19

“Nothing lasts forever … pain and troubles included.”
— Paulo Coelho, author and lyricist

Can you believe that 2020 is almost 50% passed?  I imagine that when we celebrated the beginning of the New Year back on January 1st none of us imagined it would be like this.  To say that the first six months of 2020 have been challenging would be putting it mildly.
I have heard many people say, “Let’s just give up this year and move on to 2021.” Here is the thing to remember, we still have half a year or 6 months to go!  We are only at halftime. 
Growing up playing sports, I remember many times coming into the locker room at half time after having gotten beaten up pretty bad.  I remember my college coach, Gene Evans, challenging us by saying “Guys, we may be losing right now, but we still have a whole second half to turn this around.  Get out there and don’t focus on the scoreboard but instead focus on your efforts this half.”

Servant Leadership

Matt Rocco = #54

Coach Evans was right, he was always right!  We can’t write off the next six months of 2020 and wish our way into 2021. We can’t just give them up. Time is too precious. You are too valuable.  

So today I encourage you to embrace this moment as you begin your second-half comeback. Today I challenge you to find a way to make this year a little better, for yourself and for others. 

  • Many people have suffered heartbreaking losses this year and need support. Let’s support them.
  • Many people are struggling with isolation and loneliness.  Let’s reach out to them.
  • Many people need someone to talk to and share with.  Let’s be there to listen.
  • Many people simply need to be encouraged to press on and ensured that this will not last forever.  Let’s encourage them. 

At Etech, we may look different, talk differently, have different beliefs and live in different parts of the world, but we are all in this together. Yes, we’ve gotten our butts kicked in the first half of 2020, but we’ve still got the second half to go.  We encourage each one of you out there not to count the days of Covid-19, but instead strive to make each day count for each other and for those in your community who need you to be there.
Until next time, may you make a remarkable difference in the lives of the people you touch each day.

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco is the President/CEO for Etech Global Services. Matt is a 38-year veteran of the BPO industry. He has held key leadership positions within Dun & Bradstreet, The Berry Company, and Etech Global Services. In the past 38 years, he has spent time in every facet of call center operations and outsourcing processes. Matt has been an avid speaker at many industry events and was featured in the articles of various renowned periodicals including The Wall Street Journal, Contact Center World, Call Center Magazine, Call Center Times and others.

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