Healthy Work-Life Balance The Etech Way

Healthy Work-Life Balance The Etech Way

Creating a healthy work-life balance program is important for any contact center. At Etech, we’ve found that combining fun with work provides an environment which yields high productivity. Etech’s centers across the globe maintain a continuous flow of enthusiasm, and energy while remaining focused on the disciplines which drive quality customer interactions.

Etech leaders use innovative activities to motivate team members and reduce stress during the work day.  The company culture defines a healthy balance between the personal and professional priorities in each team members’ lives.  It is the company’s philosophy that team members are most productive when all aspects of their lives are centered. By providing an environment which includes competitions, contests, celebrations, rewards and recognition programs, games, and other such activities, Etech provides much needed energy for a productive day.

Competition – The Etech Way

Healthy competition plays a key role in providing high energy focus to the work day. As agents are the key resource to the contact center, activities focused on motivating and reenergizing the agents is imperative to the process which drives performance. Competitive activities on the floor include dividing the campaign into two teams and competing for the most sales during a set time period. The team which ends up with fewer sales must perform some recreational activity like dancing or singing, to reward the winners. This simple activity boosts the morale of the team and prepares for good interactions with customers.

Other activities include POP quizzes, games such as bingo, fun and financial contests and cash contests fire up the entire Etech campaign with enthusiasm and zeal.

Continuous Improvement in Productivity – The Etech Way

The benefits of implementing work-life program activities can directly be to better customer experience and exceptional service. The work-life balance programs help our agents to achieve their sales targets and tackle their workload more efficiently. When agents are in a healthy mindset, they provide quality service to customers and resolve issues. Even product knowledge improves through quizzes, games, POP quizzes, competitions, spot incentives etc. It motivates the team in a fun way as well as reinforces key learnings.

The activities initiated at Etech to attain work-life balance provide a high energy and enthusiastic environment for team members to enjoy their work and meet their professional targets. These activities play a role in enabling team members to actively serve our customers.

About Etech

Etech is a leading provider of intelligent sales and service solutions utilizing inbound and outbound voice and web chat.  We understand the importance of customer relationships. That’s why all of our solution strategies are driven by the ‘voice of the customer’.  Our stringent QA process ensures an ever-improving customer experience.  We also gather critical business intelligence data from each customer interaction. And we do everything with the highest integrity and quality possible.  These differences allow us to provide industry-leading service, stellar CSAT scores, and high performing sales and service solutions that enable our clients to increase revenue and delight their customers.

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