How Can the Concept of Servant Leadership Transform the Corporate World?

How Can the Concept of Servant Leadership Transform the Corporate World?

Servant Leadership culture has been an option within organizational management for a long time, with many organizations  adopting this leadership style to improve their team’s performance. There are many areas in the organization that benefit from the concept of servant leadership.  But what are the key reasons that lead to management adopting a servant leadership style in many successful organizations?

Companies have much to gain from managers who embody this leadership style – it helps to create a positive and long-term workplace culture that fosters growth of team members, skill-development, and dedication. Here are some of the benefits indicating how servant leadership is transforming the corporate world.

1.      Developing strong ethical teams

The success of any organization depends on how they acquire, coach, retain and grow their team members. In the modern era, engaging  human resources and making them stick with an organization is difficult, yet extremely vital. Millennials are more prone to  switching an organization without a second thought.

In these times, servant leadership creates a feeling of belonging within the organization which ensures an open-door policy for discussions with  leaders regarding  challenges team members are  facing and their future vision regarding their career, thus providing leaders an opportunity to guide the team member for growth within the organization.

2.  Creating a positive work environment

When  leaders start valuing the thoughts of their team members, it positively impacts their behavior. Furthermore, strong and ethical teams lead to a collaborative work environment between teams and departments. As a result,  team members support each other and focus on their shared goal, rather than competing against each other.

Promoting teachability and creating a positive environment for their team members, leaders can empower teamwork in the organization, helping team members respect each other and ensure a healthy & positive work environment.

3.  Building an agile organization

In this ever-evolving technological era, organizations must build agile teams that can respond and adapt quickly to a situation. With servant leadership, you empower your team members to work with full agility, make strategic decisions and accept more responsibility for changing business scenarios and requirements.

Leaders must coach & encourage their team members to think creatively by asking them to think outside the box when solving problems; find new and resourceful ways to do things; and empowering their team to face challenges.

4.  Empowering future leaders

Leaders living up to the servant leadership culture emerge as the role-model for their team members. Most of the time,  team members replicate the practices their leaders are following. Hence, a leader should be extremely careful while communicating with their team members.

They must not only assign tasks, but also develop the feeling of accountability in their team members. The end goal should be that  team members  have self-discipline to work effectively and efficiently while also being results-focused.

5.  Establishes roadmap for consistent growth

Leaders should be visionaries, seeing the big picture for their company, using discernment, wisdom, focus and determination. By appropriately communicating with  team members, leaders can encourage team members to work towards a shared goal, ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction.

Organizations can progress rapidly, if all the members are working as a team to solve problems, resolve conflicts, demonstrate loyalty and encourage one another.

Since 2009, the entire leadership team at Etech are following and living up to the principles of servant leadership. By honoring our people, our customers and our communities and choosing to lead by serving, Etech’s results and impact continue to improve and grow.

We believe in being accountable and focused on growth, and we bring these principles with us as we consult with other companies and manage our own. Come and join us to be a part of our remarkable team and be a true servant leader!

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