How do Performance Reviews add to Companies Growth?

While operating any organization, it is crucial to keep an eye on every employee’s performance, as it helps making timely and correct decisions. To stay informed about what your employees are up to, relying on performance reviews provide groundbreaking results. 

This process can be defined as an episodic assessment by leaders, that provides feedback on their team members’ work, for improving their efficiency and performance. Keeping this as a baseline, key decisions can be taken in favor of both employees, as well as the organization. When introduced systematically, performance reviews help employers provide necessary guidance to their subordinates. 

If an organization does not periodically review the performance of its team members, it can lead to broadening the gap between expectations and performance, making team members inefficient. Here are some ways performance reviews help organizations to run smoother. 

Improving Overall Performance 

One of the advantages of performance reviews is identifying opportunities for improvement among team members. When under a review, organizations have visibility of any employee’s performance, allowing leaders to identify their tasks, skill gaps, and ways to help them succeed. Furthermore, when employees know that their performance is routinely reviewed, they are more accountable towards the task and give their best. The presence of regular reviews and feedback ultimately upscales the overall performance of all employees. 

Training Need Analysis & Identification

Whether it be new hires or existing team members, every employee needs the training to acquire new skills and brush up on existing skills, to stay in sync with the latest industry trends. By utilizing performance reviews, organizations can identify specific areas team members generally make mistakes, in and coach them on these specific skills. Coaching on specific parameters reduces employee burnout, boosts employee satisfaction, and reduces huge amounts of time leaders invest into coaching. Learning is a never-ending cycle and organizations must introduce training programs for team members to upgrade their skills and improve their work efficiency. 

Enhance Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial to any company’s sustainable growth. Feedback has a major role to play when it comes to increasing employee engagement, as it allows employees to understand their strengths and opportunities. Performance reviews are not only used to stay updated on employees’ tasks but to also create room for open discussions for exchanging thoughts and opinions. As a result, team members feel valued and more connected with an organization’s vision, leading to improved productivity, sales, and profits. 

Identifying Future Leaders

Strong leaders are the backbone of any growing organization. By thoroughly evaluating the performances of all individuals, organizations can identify team members who demonstrate good leadership skills and live up to an organization’s mission, vision, and values. Regular performance reviews can help organizations identify, nurture, and create future leaders. 

With regular reviews, organizations can also identify skills that each individual will require to grow in their role. Hence, every KPI can be logged and retained to track employees’ growth pace in an organization. 

Setting New Goals 

Each organization has set goals and plans to succeed, however with the change in trends, a team’s strengths, and opportunities, these goals will need to be calibrated. While reviewing a team’s performance, organizations can get a clear picture of what can be achieved, and how to fine-tune the roles of each individual within the team for maximum output. Based on this information, it is easy to reset new well-defined, and achievable goals. Goal setting should be done by appropriately considering all the factors. A huge gap between expectations and a team’s capabilities leads to employee dissatisfaction and can prove hazardous to an organization. 

Boost Loyalty and Strengthen Relationships

Performance review is a great opportunity for leaders to directly interact with their team members, understand their side of the story, and provide direct feedback. During in-depth conversations, team members can openly express themselves, creating a positive influence, improving loyalty, and helping team members feel more connected to the organization. The actions taken during and after a performance review by leaders, not only helps in boosting loyalty and relationship but also increase employee retention. 

The importance of performance reviews cannot be overlooked, as it allows everyone in the company to make indispensable decisions and grab growth opportunities. Once introduced, performance reviews can change the fate of all members of the company, as it brings a lot of learning opportunities. To be specific, a review process is effective in creating a positive work environment and achieving shared goals. 

At Etech Global Services, we believe in continuous learning and sustainable growth for all. If you are looking forward to grow with great leaders and team members then join us now. 


Veronica Chimney

Veronica Chimney

Veronica Chimney is Chief HR Officer of Human Resources and a 20 year veteran of the contact center/BPO industry. She leads a global HR team in reinforcing a strong company culture. She is responsible for global labor relations, employee engagement, leadership development programs, benefits, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, and human resource strategies that support the achievement of Etech’s business goals and objectives.

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