How Should Leaders Embrace Team Motivation?

How can you consistently get team members who say, ‘I love my job, and I trust my leader!’?

Well, team motivation is the key.

There are several theories of motivation, and when we’re rightly motivated, there’s almost nothing we can’t do. We can motivate ourselves to build new technologies, make a remarkable change in society, and what not! It is one of the crucial responsibilities of any great leader to foster motivation and encourage employees.

Why is team motivation important in the workplace?

Being into the business world, your company wants to suffice the needs of customers and deliver effortless customer experience.


Well, it is a crucial source of team motivation.


If your team has a real-world understanding of how they are touching people’s lives, they’ll want to work even harder and leverage smarter ways to solve their problems. They will strive to seek out new solutions for everything and improve your company’s efficiency and bottom line overall.

If you know how to motivate your workforce, it will help ensure they are bringing their best efforts each day and helping your company meet its sales and performance goals.

However, let’s take a glimpse of team motivation in practical terms.

There are several ways modern leaders can encourage team building and motivate their employees to deliver their best always.

How does Effective Motivation Look Like?

Of course, motivating the members of your team is crucial.

But, how can you do that?

Here are three significant areas you should focus on :

  • Be Committed to Employee Happiness

Happy employees always turn out to be productive; it’s pretty simple. Controlled studies reveal a gain in productivity of anywhere from 12% to 20% when team members are motivated and have a welcoming atmosphere to work..

We leaders should analyze how life is like for the team members on every rung of the ladder. It is our responsibility to ensure that they have what they need to live while they’re doing their jobs.

  • Give a Chance to the Team to speak up

One of the significant factors that plays a crucial role in employee motivation is to let them know they can make their voices heard. If there’s a problem that should be solved, your team members should have a scope to express that.

Leaders should demonstrate in everyday interactions that they are always open to feedback and process improvements, and actively welcome any suggestions from the team members.

If you’re a leader in your company, develop the motivational psychology in yourself and communicate to your team with humility. They should feel that you’re willing to listen to any new way of doing a familiar task.

If you focus on this collaborative approach of doing business and instill motivation in the entire organization, you’ll be surprised how much motivated your team will be. Ultimately, the team members would be happier and productive in consequence.

  • Be an example

Think, why do people admire Elon Musk and Bill Gates so much? How do Barack Obama and Tulsi Gabbard manage to command respect and admiration even from people who belong to the ‘opposite side’ of the political aisle?

There is one thing that is common in all of them: They have set an example worth following. The above leaders always operate with mindfulness, integrity, and a considerable amount of concern for the people around them.

As a leader, you should be thoughtful of the examples you are setting. To start with, be physically present and approachable. However, with time, you must extend to almost every way to express yourself and your esteem for the employees. Whether it is providing directives, communication in emails, and any other documented dispatches, or how you carry yourself and behave, everything you do should reveal your care for the team.

Let even the degree to which your appearance and bearing say, “I care about you all,” become a part of the example you’re setting. And a leader who has set an example always gives rise to empowered and motivated employees.

It is not the end…..

There’s one more step you should take to motivate your team day in and day out. You can’t suddenly ooze charisma and competence if you fail to make your team members their own CEOs and leaders. If they feel that they don’t have enough freedom to pursue their ideas to meet company expectations, your team will feel offended and may take their talent elsewhere. Hence, proper work motivation is essential to attain the highest employee retention.

Bottom Line?    

Being a leader, you should treat your team with the kind of care and respect that fosters sensibility and strong motivation. It will let them feel a significant level of personal autonomy, and in turn, they will be satisfied.

In case of any situation when things didn’t go as well as you expected, talk candidly with your team why things were not right and what you all can do together for better results in the future.

The result

Team members are more enthusiastic, solving problems faster, and innovating better. When you are working with others, it means to grow and learn together.

Explore Etech’s remarkable 12 Character Commitment with valuing and motivating people as one of the integral characters that helped us reach where we are today. Let your organization shift from performance management to performance motivation, and you will see the difference in no time!

Gurudatt Medtia

Gurudatt Medtia

Gurudatt Medtia is Vice President for all departments in India. Guru ensures that all Etech India leaders are equipped and accountable to grow Etech’s Servant Leadership culture and create cohesive collaboration between all India departments and department heads resulting in timely delivery of very diversified and complicated solutions across all departments.

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