How to Become a Preferred Brand of Choice for Customers?

How to become a preferred brand of choice for customers?

Expecting the best customer service is not just the right of customers, but a necessity. With buyer preferences constantly changing and evolving, contact center quality monitoring is not only a goal to be achieved but rather a continuous journey of optimization. As a result, organizations must always fine-tune their quality monitoring parameters to ensure that they stay effective.

“Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that aren’t.” 

Therefore, it is inevitable that brands deliver to their customers what they want and always aim in exceeding their customer’s expectations. But how is that done?

Here is an overview of how to continuously optimize your contact center quality monitoring program to remain the preferred brand of choice for your customers.


The first step starts with monitoring, to identify where you are. How are your frontline team members performing? Listen to the voice of customers and determine what they’re thinking about your brand. All customer interactions with your frontline team are a valuable source of information.

Your customers speak from their heart on those calls, chats, social media comments and messages. Are you recording and implementing those customer feedbacks? Have you seen any improvements after implementing those feedbacks? If not, then this is the right time to start.

With the latest technological innovations, brands can now monitor up to 100% of customer interactions, which was previously not possible with traditional quality monitoring methodologies. Now there is an opportunity to put those methodologies in place and see the results.

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Once you identify where you are, next you must have a goal of where you want to be. Customer experience is an empathetic journey, and not a final, destination. By measuring the quality of a contact center, brands can identify areas which need improvement.

First, fine-tune your quality monitoring parameters. Check the performance of your contact center at different levels: Be it center, program, team and even individual levels. Gather insights on challenges your teams are facing.

Next, develop training programs for empowering your frontline. This will further upscale your frontline team members, y campaign teams, centers and eventually the entire organization. Providing an excellent customer experience should be the culture of your organization.


Once all the technology, quality monitoring parameters and learning management is in place, have you seen any improvement? Did you notice any noteworthy impact on the productivity of your team members? If yes, then the next step will be to recognize how your organization has been impacted by the changes you have made.

Contact centers across the globe face a huge attrition ratio due to demotivated team members, lack of growth, long calls with frustrated customers and so on. For this reason, it is extremely essential to motivate your team members by recognizing them publicly for their performance.

Such reward recognition celebrations not only serve as a platform to appreciate the top-performers but also, as an encouragement for other team members to set new goals and continue to improve to reach that group of top-performers.


For human resources, rewards play a major role in motivating and engaging team members. Rewards can be anything, including but not limited to, monetary performance incentives, paid work off, or occasionally working from home, gifts, certificates, meals, or holiday coupons and much more.

The idea is to create a happy and motivating work environment for all team members to ensure they always strive to deliver the best results for the organization by always delivering the best customer service experience to the customers.

To guarantee each of these steps are correctly implemented and followed, it is necessary to always have an effective monitoring system in place. Investing in the right quality monitoring software for call centers enables visibility of all processes and making it easy to measure insights for continuously optimizing the quality assurance journey.

With over 20 years of experience in providing superior customer engagement solutions across a wide range of industries, Etech is a world leader in assisting companies in enhancing their contact center’s quality monitoring technology landscape, allowing them to compete in a diverse and globalized marketplace. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in utilizing technology to advance your business.

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