Most Effective Ways to Complete Inbound Complaint Calls

Most Effective Ways to Complete Inbound Complaint Calls

While a customer calling with a complaint is likely the last thing any inbound calling center wants to deal with, such calls can make for great opportunities for your customer service representatives to improve their skills while ensuring the caller remains with your business for the foreseeable future. Learn the right way to complete all of your inbound complaint calls.

Ending for an Equally Agreed Upon Resolution

Whenever a caller is satisfied with a specific resolution option, your customer service agent should be sure he or she details the next steps in the process, offers up one final apology, suggests a complementary product or service as a way to upsell and tells the caller that he or she will receive a follow-up call to ensure the resolution is satisfactory.

There are a few pitfalls to avoid with this resolution. For instance, your representatives shouldn’t drag the conversation on longer than necessary in order that they don’t run the risk of wasting the caller’s time. Your team should also keep all jokes and humor to a minimum, as not everyone shares their brand of humor. Finally, offer to send the caller an email detailing the specifics of the conversation rather than repeat the conversation word-for-word.

A Neutral Resolution

With some customer support calls, the best you can do is accept a neutral resolution where the customer accepts the solution but is still not 100 percent satisfied. If you or your representatives arrive at this juncture, you can regain the caller’s confidence by seeing if there is a product or service in which he or she may be interested, using buying history to find a good fit. Your agents should also pay close attention to opportunities to make personal connections with the caller in order to show they pay attention.

While it’s good to ask the customer for the best way to contact her or him for a follow-up, it’s not good to drag out an ending if the caller seems especially rankled. Additionally, your representatives should ask if the customer has any further inquiries before ending the call.

The Unresolved Resolution

No matter what you try, there are simply some individuals whom you can’t please no matter what. You and your agents should be sure they clarify the issue without placing blame on someone else. As always, review the resolution and make sure the customer agrees to it. Apologize, and let the individual know you’ll find out more about the problem and follow-up later. The customer should know that the experience will be used to improve your company’s business model, and he or she should also receive some form of recompense if one is allowed.

As for don’ts, don’t attempt to upsell the customer, as this may only anger him or her. It’s also best not to bid the customer good day, as the heightened mood could make this come across as sarcasm. No matter how tempting it might be to do so, refrain from apologizing too much. The customer wants results, not apologies.

As you can see, there are various directions in which an inbound complaint can go. Use these tips to make any situation one that’s both effective and a great learning tool.

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