Why Leaders Must Strive to be a Positive Influence?

Why Leaders Must Strive to be a Positive Influence?

Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” – John Maxwell

Leaders demonstrate positive influence through both their behavior and overall attitude. At Etech, it is expected that our leaders are committed to developing team members who understand what is expected of them, know how to meet those expectations and understand how it relates to Etech’s mission. Below are my thoughts of the importance of proper influence and how to demonstrate that influence with your team.

How to Demonstrate the Right Influence?

All leaders will influence their team …. it can be a negative influence or positive one. Etech leaders serve and influence their team through passion, enthusiasm, positive energy and being optimistic rather than focusing on what is out of their span of control. Leaders should strive to build up their team members, even when offering constructive criticism. All team members should understand that performance evaluations will contain some constructive feedback that is intended to improve the team member.

Team members should also understand company leaders aren’t infallible, that they too are constantly growing & developing in order to enhance their value to the company, customers and communities. When team members see leaders making a constant and intentional effort to improve and lead with humility, they’re much more likely to engage. Every day provides a new day to improve yourself and those around you, embrace the moment!

Why Leaders Need a Positive Attitude?

One big part of the equation is the fact that leaders must walk the talk. The DNA of the team starts at the top and trickles its way down. While team members can motivate themselves, team sustainable will be obtained with influence from the leader. Etech leaders strive to create an environment where people want to be emotionally invested. Committed team members have the ability to influence others without carrying the title of leader, when that happens the impact is powerful.

The second part of the equation is the fact that being positive attracts positive energy. Moods and energies are contagious. Simply put, positive people want to be around other positive people. Leaders set the tempo for their teams. If you want a team that is engaged, energized, & committed to their work, then model that behavior!

Finally, positive influence breeds more enhanced productivity, creativity and contributions. When leaders ignite each day with a positive attitude, their team members will be encouraged to do the same. If leaders are apathetic towards their work or the company, team members will be negatively impacted and may mirror the attitude of their leader. Etech Leaders strive to create a safe environment promoting courage, humility, trust, integrity, adaptability and learning. The focus is not on the numbers but are growing each other. When this happens, the numbers come.

We all will influence others, be sure to always demonstrate the right influence. To the whole world you may be one person, but to one person you can be the whole world.

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