Top 8 Reasons Live Chat Enhances Conversions

Top 8 Reasons Live Chat Enhances Conversions

Live chat service places your customers in control of asking for help. This process initiates an easy and convenient method for both them and for your customer service team. However, it goes beyond that. Live chat software is ideal for enhancing customer conversion for eight significant reasons:

  1. Customer Experience :

    Live chat provides the driving force behind positive customer experience by supplying an instant answer to a one-click request for support.

  2. Efficiency :

    Tag chats improve efficiency by eliminating the time it takes from engaging with customers who are not ready for assistance.

  3. Channel optimization :

    Live chat software provides valuable data about what sorts of concerns and questions are likely to be discussed via live chat rather than through content on your website.

  4. Website development :

    Chatting with customers provides details about the information that is hard to find or unclear on your website. During the course of a live chat conversation, customers will ordinarily explain that they tried to find or understand the answer they were looking for on your website but could not.

  5. Reduces expenses :

    Employees spend less time on the phone, enabling them to multi-task during chat conversations. Compared to a call center, this cuts the wait queue to a fraction of its former size. In addition to being a process improvement, it increases the likelihood of future sales.

  6. Increases sales potential :

    When customers have an agent who can immediately help them through a sale if they become confused, they are more apt to complete the purchase. Likewise, having a question answered promptly can land a sale. This helps reduce cart abandonment on retail websites and ensures that full shopping carts make it through the checkout and payment process.

  7. Provides a competitive edge :

    Live chat is a principal feature that websites must have to gain an edge on the competition. In fact, it provides a simple method to connect with and convert customers who spend a significant portion of their money online.

  8. Taps into points of customer frustration :

    Customers who use live chat want to guarantee that a product will perform as advertised or that they will receive the promotion or discount they expect. Also, as live chat representatives talk to customers, they can find out ways to improve a company’s products and services.

You can enhance customer experiences and increase conversion rates by using the information gathered during live chat activity to update content on your website and revise the pre-made messages your live chat agents have accessible to them. Hiring agents with prior sales experience is also beneficial.

The Bottom Line

Live chat can enhance your sales potential, but only if it is executed correctly. In addition to training your team, tagged chat and live chat software enable agents to provide resources and a guide to those resources. Chatting is a powerful method to equip live chat agents with external tools necessary to direct customers to the website instead of handling the responsibility of providing all of the information themselves. The return on investment derived from the joint efforts of website content and live chat is invaluable.

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco is the President/CEO for Etech Global Services. Matt is a 38-year veteran of the BPO industry. He has held key leadership positions within Dun & Bradstreet, The Berry Company, and Etech Global Services. In the past 38 years, he has spent time in every facet of call center operations and outsourcing processes. Matt has been an avid speaker at many industry events and was featured in the articles of various renowned periodicals including The Wall Street Journal, Contact Center World, Call Center Magazine, Call Center Times and others.

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