How to Make Your Live Chat Service Smarter with Artificial Intelligence?

How to Make Your Live Chat Service Smarter with Artificial Intelligence?

Live chat is a tool growing in popularity for consumer interactions. It is not an overly complicated system, involving a simple messenger window and sometimes a live chat customer service representative. However, more recently, companies have been turning to artificial intelligence in live chat for additional support to both team members and customers. While this updated approach may seem counterintuitive for improving consumer relations, there are several excellent reasons to incorporate AI into your companies chat sessions.

Round the Clock Customer Interactions

Integrating AI into your Live chat sessions means that you get a cost-effective way to provide nonstop service to customers all over the world. While artificial intelligence will never replace human-to-human communication, it does an effective job of supplying clients with basic information to make informed decisions when an actual representative is not available. Through analyzing historical conversations stored in your company’s systems, AI chatbots can create a humanlike interaction, providing useful information and answering a wide array of questions. These bots can even categorize questions to help clients narrow down precisely what it is they are looking for.

Reduced Errors in Communication

Live chat messengers are useful in today’s digital landscape. While live chat agents are necessary to the implementation of such a service, they can make mistakes, especially when questions and concerns of customers are repetitive or nonspecific because the human mind can get tired and unfocused. AI chatbots have the benefit of being computer programs. They do not get tired, and they never lose focus. Therefore, they are the perfect resource for explaining and expanding on frequently asked questions, making these programs an excellent front line approach to customer service.

Initiate Communication

Have you ever gone to a competitor’s website and instantaneously been greeted by a live chat online. Do you believe this initial communication to be a live representative? Most likely, your competitor is using an AI chatbot programmed to initiate contact on an inbound link. This type of interaction would be impossible without the use of computer programs like chatbots. Without this type of programming, your company may be losing sales and valuable consumer face time. AI can draw a client further into your website, it can entice them with offers, or it can petition them to sign up to a mailing list. These initial communications, made possible with AI, are invaluable to companies and can significantly boost brand loyalty and your bottom dollar.

Capable of Handling Simple Tasks

While you might have considered live chat reserved for real people, AI chatbots are typically the first things your customers will interact with, and these programs can handle simple tasks. For example, AI can be programmed to help customers find products or services. They can also be designed to walk clients through the payment or ordering process. As stated, these machines are great at initiating conversations and requesting sign-ups. Furthermore, AI bots can be used to handle frequently asked questions. By implementing AI software into your customer chat sessions, you can help alleviate some of the stress and strain on your human team and possibly improve customer engagement.

Improve Customer Engagement

Live chat is an excellent tool for improving customer engagement. However, it is nearly impossible to have enough staff to handle all inbound links and customers without forcing many to wait. AI helps to reduce that wait time. By allowing chatbots to pose offers and answer basic questions, a company will enable customers to engage and interact with them freely 24/7, which depending on the size of your operation, might not be capable otherwise. By minimizing wait times for responses and providing customers with immediate interaction and answers, you improve client engagement with your website and potentially their loyalty with your brand.

Companion for Human Representatives

Live chat is a potentially grueling job for your team. There are several repetitive tasks and repeated questions. AI can help by reducing redundancies and handling basic communications. Therefore, the implementation of AI into your chat sessions is not only for customer convenience, but it is also for the benefit of your team.

In the mounting digital landscape, it is more important than ever before to connect with your client base however and wherever you can. Live chat sessions have become an integral part of corporate contact centers, and for a good reason, but to handle the demand of consumers, it is also necessary to incorporate AI software to improve consumer engagement and alleviate team member burnout. If you are interested in talking about your customer service solutions with an experienced industry leader, then contact Etech for a customized plan for your specific business needs.

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick joined Etech in 2000 and has held a variety of Leadership positions. In 2005 he helped lead the training of the first outbound and inbound team members in the Gandhinagar, India facility. Built on the success of this original team, Etech has been able to grow the outbound, inbound and web chat sales teams in India from 30 initial team members to its current team of approximately 600+ team members.

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