How to Select the Best Live Chat Software for Your e-Commerce Website

  • How to Select the Best Live Chat Software for Your e-Commerce Website

It is a well-known fact that websites with live chat make more sales than others. It is one of the best methods available to clarify all the pre-sale and post-sale questions of customers. If you own an ecommerce website and are considering implementing customer support through Live Chat, you are on the right track. However, knowing which software to choose can be a challenge, so let’s take a look at some guidelines that will help you make the best choice for your business.

First, it is important to choose a Live Chat method that can answer customer concerns even when an agent is away from their computer. Larger operations may offer customer support 24/7, but a smaller operation may not do that.  Therefore, is it very important that a customer is able to have their questions or concerns addressed even after normal business hours.  Providing a method that can do this will go a long way in building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Live chat software should be able to integrate with smartphones. The interface should be independent from the type of mobile device. It is better to find a live chat software that will work on the majority of mobile browsers.  There are some live chat applications that send a text message, once a customer has engaged in a conversation; this is an ideal option for the small business owner to respond quickly.

Live chat applications can be divided into several categories. Some applications require business owners to install operator software on all business computers while others offer services online. A live chat software that offers its services online can be more cost effective than installing software on all business computers. Not to mention the need for professional IT services to reconfigure everything.  A web based software does not require this expense and also allows users to log in from any part of the world through any web browser.

Live chat was introduced to the world in order to provide quick solutions to customer concerns. Therefore, the live chat software you choose, should offer quick responses with prepared answers. Having prepared answers will allow you to answer simple concerns within a few seconds. A prepared answer would be something like: “Give me few seconds to look up your record”, which keeps the customer from having to wait for an answer.

Last but not least, when considering the cost of live chat software, it is always better to look for high quality over the lowest price. A high-quality system can enhance your sales volume and customer base. Additionally, cloud based services have dramatically reduced the costs associated with live chat applications, which has allowed a number of small scale e-commerce website owners to experience its benefits.

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