How to Motivate your staff

How to Motivate your staff

Thinking of new ways of motivating your employees is a challenge especially for a company that has been in operations for many years. The need to keep your employees productive magnifies that challenge.

However, whatever you do should be a reflection of all the contribution each employee has made to make a success, putting into account the diverse individual tastes. The human resource department can work with department leaders to ensure that what they do will be appreciated and valued, and will motivate the staff.

When your staff is motivated, they will be energized to work harder and smarter. With that in mind, how then do you motivate your employees?

Here are useful tips that can help you this year to turn around things.

Say Thank You

In the day-to-day running of the company or a department, you may not thank your employees enough for a job well done. Anytime is the prime time to do so. When you thank them, they will be inspired and motivated to keep doing a great job. Try something new this year, instead of sending out thank you emails; give each employee a handwritten thank you note.

When the employee receives that handwritten note, they will feel appreciated and valued. Just the thought of their manager taking the time to write out the note will make them happy and motivated.

Recognition in the Company Newsletter

If your company produces a monthly newsletter, it will be a good idea to recognize the superstars of the month there. You can dedicate pages to recognize the employees who did well throughout the year, and in the various departments.

Ensure that you make public the criteria you use to recognize staff so that each employee knows what they have to do to receive that recognition. The recognized employees will be motivated to keep up the good job and the once yet to get there, encouraged to add more effort.

Overall, recognition is a powerful motivator. You can also take the recognition a notch higher by mentioning the high performing employees in the company social media platforms.

Flexible Working Hours

A contact center is a busy place, and the demands keep increasing especially during the festive season. When you plan their schedules well to give them more time with family, they will be more productive when at work. Given that the festive season spreads from one month to another, you can offer all the employees flexible schedules during the festive season.

Another way that you can consider is to give them time off the phone. That time no matter how short will re-energize them thus motivating them to achieve more when on the phone.

Motivating your employees does not have to be a difficult exercise that gives you sleepless nights. It should also not be an overly expensive affair that leaves the company accounts bleeding. You can combine the above three tips or use them separately.

The key is to ensure that you touch each employee in a special way that shows him or her that you care, and you want to work together the coming years.

Kaylene Eckels

Kaylene Eckels

Kaylene joined Etech in December 2006. During her tenure Kaylene has held several key positions including Director of Operations, AVP Global Operations, Vice President of Global Operations, and since February 2017, has served as Chief Operations Officer. As Chief Operations Officer, Kaylene is responsible for ensuring Etech understands, meets, and exceeds customer expectations through building Trusted Advisor relationships and investing in and developing her team.

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