What are the Important Operations Management Trends to Follow?

Call center operations are vital to the success of any business enterprise. Representatives in these pivotal positions are often the first line of contact with the consumer, meaning the client’s first impression of corporate vision and culture is through a chat or phone conversation. Therefore, it is crucial that these interactions are well-crafted and do not put off potential customers. The best way to ensure satisfaction and control is to enlist the most updated tools in operations management. The following five trends offer the most support and significance to contact center operations.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

There is no need to fear artificial intelligence. The technology is not a threat to employment but rather a useful tool to aid in the management and collection of essential client information. Many call center operations use chatbots and automated voice systems to help sort through the incoming call logs. This in no way eliminates the human element. AI systems assist call operations by providing consumers with the most frequently requested information, which enables contact center employees to spend more time with customers who really need it; this is especially helpful for IT assistants. However, any company currently operating will find great value in the implementation of some AI elements for their contact solutions.

  1. Serverless Computing and Cloud Storage

Upgrades to infrastructure are necessary for all business operations, including call center operations. Through the integration of serverless computing and a reduction in data centers, companies will be able to conduct business at a more rapid pace without the need for redundant operations. These tools are especially useful to contact center workers because much of their job involves the repeated entry of data and the repetitive use of forms. If any of these operations can be sped up, then these individuals can perform complex tasks in less time and assist more clients in a single day.

  1. Automating Processes

Automating contact points or call center operations is not the same as eliminating the human element of your business. Instead, it is aimed at improving efficiency through the use of improved software and tools. For example, reservations, check-ins, even translations once ate up significant amounts of time, but now, with advanced technology, these things can coincide in chatbot windows without needing to distract employees or take away time from customers. Beyond improving customer relations, tools for automating processes will also have a tremendous effect on internal communications, scheduling, group messaging and other operational processes that directly affect the day-to-day corporate culture.

  1. Mobile and Digital Communications

Cell phones, tablets, laptops are all signs of the growing trend of mobility. While it has been a trend for some time, the technology and abilities of smaller and smaller devices to carry out complex tasks has made mobile and digital communications an essential part of any growing business model. Also, Call center operations are heavily rooted in communications, which is why mobile and digital platforms serve as the cornerstone of successful contact centers. However, not every company is on-board or updated on these current trends. Some critical elements of a mobile platform are team apps, client portals, accessibility, messaging and other features targeted toward frontline and remote workers.

  1. Culture and Workplace Experience

Beyond the technological advancements necessary for call center operations, over the last two decades, it has become overwhelmingly clear that managing call center operations are also about developing and nurturing a positive culture. The benefits of an influential company culture have long been known, but only as the world has taken a closer look at work-life balance have businesses really understood what it means to be a team. A healthy team atmosphere establishes an identity and improves employee retention, which is critical in call centers. Also, when a team mentality is correctly developed, it enhances the level of satisfaction people have in the workplace, allowing them to be more productive with their time and energy.

Call center operations are a crucial element of any business, but they must be nurtured. It is not enough for an operator to simply answer the phone anymore. Customers expect more, and team members deserve more, especially when there are technologies that can significantly increase productivity and effectiveness. However, implementing such a change is not easy and demands a skill set that not every company has on-hand. Therefore, when your contact center solutions are lacking an expert in the field, contact  Etech Global Services. With over 20 years of experience, Etech understands the shifting trends and growing need for effective and efficient call center services. Contact a representative and find out what they can do for you.

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Shawndra Tobias

Shawndra Tobias

Shawndra Tobias is Etech’s SVP of Operational Excellence. She has been with Etech since 2000 and has served in various roles, including OSS Reporting Specialist, Account Leader, Project Manager, Sr. Director of Operations and VP of Customer Experience. In her current role, she determines operational strategies by collecting, cleaning, and analyzing interaction data that assists clients in delivering an optimized customer experience and enhanced performance.

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