Mobile Shopping: How to Create a Perfect Customer Experience

Mobile Shopping: How to Create a Perfect Customer Experience

As mobile shopping becomes the common denominator influencing and informing consumer behavior, the opportunity to increase return on investment is expanding exponentially. To produce a profitable customer experience resulting in loyal conversions, your goal should be to create an experience that will:

  • Persuade them to pay the rates you need to charge to be profitable
  • Attract new customers to purchase your services and products
  • Encourage them to continue to do business with you
  • Drive them to tell others about your business
  • Interest them in purchasing more from you

When businesses build customer-centric frameworks, the process guides the form and intensity of the experience to offer the right set of features in the best way for each customer’s needs.

Developing an Understanding of Consumer Needs

Customer experience is an essential component of customer relationship management (CRM). The reason it is relevant is because a positive experience with a business is more likely to gain a loyal customer. Businesses must begin by developing a precise understanding of consumer demands and how mobile shopping sites can meet those obligations. Only then can they make strategic determinations regarding features, purpose, and overall consumer experience. These vital aims, in turn, determine what to measure and what distinguishes success. Following are the top six ways to create an ideal customer experience.

  1. Personalize the shopping experience :

    The businesses delivering an outstanding customer experience tailors and designs the experiences for various and individual shoppers.

  2. Build brand loyalty :

    A strategy can help produce higher customer satisfaction, decrease churn, and improve profits. A well-designed strategy begins with establishing the the experiences you want to present, then ensuring those experiences are constant across all platforms.

  3. Optimize the mobile user experience :

    The most successful organizations understand that shoppers interact with diverse elements of the company and over various touch points. They acknowledge customers engage with many employees when they request support and service, shop, or talk to billing or accounts support staff.

  4. Leverage technology :

    A well-known difficulty companies encounter is trying to employ software and technology to produce a customer experience. However, this can result in the focus being on what the technology can do instead of what you can do to create a beneficial experience.

  5. Deliver value to the customer :

    The best companies produce relevant intentions by sharpening the company focus on delivering them, such as placing an emphasis on cross-functional collaboration. For example, the supply chain and marketing teams are aligned across the entire customer experience to deliver a constant value statement.

  6. Capture real-time customer feedback :

    Ask for feedback and capture it in real time. Blog-interaction surveys can be delivered through a mixture of calls and automated tools through email. It’s critical to tie customer feedback to a particular customer support representative because it shows every team member the difference they make to the success of the company.

Whatever the industry, mobile shopping customer experiences provide major opportunities to solve customer problems, alleviate frustration, and create memorable interactions. Etech Global Services partners with you to offer dedicated technology to generate the perfect customer experience.

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco

Matt Rocco is the President/CEO for Etech Global Services. Matt is a 38-year veteran of the BPO industry. He has held key leadership positions within Dun & Bradstreet, The Berry Company, and Etech Global Services. In the past 38 years, he has spent time in every facet of call center operations and outsourcing processes. Matt has been an avid speaker at many industry events and was featured in the articles of various renowned periodicals including The Wall Street Journal, Contact Center World, Call Center Magazine, Call Center Times and others.

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