What are the Guiding Principles for Outsourcing Your Customer Service?

Excellent customer service is an integral part of every business. Whether your company deals in retail or offers specific services, consumers look for a convenient and flexible means of contacting the business. At Etech, we strive to provide exceptional customer engagement solutions for our clients. Hence, we have a deep understanding of what exactly customers expect out of an organization.

However, not all businesses have an idea of the same. Also, there are small and medium scale businesses that struggle to have the time, funds, or resources to build their in-house customer service center or have outgrown the capacity. For all such companies, customer support outsourcing is a great option. We, at Etech, have a hands-on experience of years on helping such businesses with extraordinary customer support.

Well, the decision to outsource customer service is ultimately an integral one for businesses. If your organization doesn’t suffice the customer service needs and you want to outsource, there are certain proven benefits of that. You don’t have to hire and/or train new employees with an outsourced provider. Also, your business will ultimately employ the knowledge and skills of experts who are adept at customer service.

However, how can you make your decision about outsourcing the customer service the best one?

Below are some guiding principles that you should keep in mind while you outsource the customer service for your organization:

Know the Right Time to Outsource

Before you finalize your decision to outsource your customer service, you should first consider the best time for your organization to make this big move. If you think there is a significant change going on in your company or if it is experiencing fast-paced growth, this is when you should think about outsourcing your customer support. The outsourcing contact center will ensure your customers are taken care of while your organization can focus on the ongoing internal rapid developments.

Make the Most Out of the Outsourced Customer Service

It’s crucial to understand and implement the right approach to manage outsourced customer service. Your organization might already have a customer service team in place; however, you are not maintaining the best practice. In such a scenario, you should speak to an outsourced expert company to know what works best. This can be a useful step if your internal support team needs to focus elsewhere. Also, a third-party customer service team can fill the gap if your support team is not staffed rightly. It will help if you think the outsourced team as an extension of your in-house team, rather than as an individual entity with increased domain expertise.

Ask for Quality Control

Call management (CMS) IT solutions play a significant role in managing inbound and outbound calls efficiently. These can be helpful in monitoring and analyze the call activity to ensure continuous improvement. If you are planning to outsource your customer support, it’s always better to opt for such a company that includes this, too, especially if your business is already handling a high volume of phone call interactions. CMS IT can be highly useful to assess your business’ operational contact center issues and figure out the right ways to resolve them. Quality Control is a big deal!

Make Sure to Exceed Customer Expectations

Customers expect faster online responses from brands. According to The Social Habit’s survey, 32% of customers expect to get a response within 30 minutes. Only 10% will prefer to wait for 60 minutes. Hence, either way, the answer must be at least within an hour. Otherwise, your organizations will fall short of customers’ expectations. Therefore, when you are outsourcing your customer support, make sure the outsourced team is meeting this requirement. It’s only then your organization will be able to stand out.

Look for Social Media Customer Service

Customers no longer prefer to call a hotline. Your brand must engage in social media to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Any outsourced customer service provider will typically have the tools for online and call responses. You must consider them to focus on both forms of communication, as today’s customer mainly interacts online. Moreover, social media customer service is a much affordable investment. Forbes reports state that social media only cost $ 1 per interaction. With that, you can enjoy lower costs, and once done right, you can enjoy huge profits.

Summing Up

Want to outsource your organization’s customer support?

Look for a contact center with extensive experience and expertise like Etech. We offer customized customer engagement solutions to fit organizations’ specific requirements. Contact Etech to explore its inbound, outbound, live chat, and quality monitoring solutions, and learn how they can benefit your business, your team, and, ultimately, your customers.

Ashwini Kumar

Ashwini Kumar

Ashwini Kumar assumed the role of Assistant Vice President for Far Shore Operations in Sept 2016 with the responsibility for Etech India (Vadodara and Gandhinagar) and Jamaica (Montego Bay) center’s. His directive is to continue enhance the alignment between our clients’ and market needs to Etech’s capabilities from a people, process and performance perspective driving One Etech culture.

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