How to Reassure Modernization and Flexibility in Your Organization

Leadership skills are not innate in most people. Fortunately, practically anyone can learn how to develop the traits and techniques that make an exceptional leader. Some mistakenly think that a leader’s primary responsibility is to sit back and dictate what others should do. While this style of management may work to an extent, the most effective leaders model the behaviors they want to see in their employees. What am I saying? If you expect greater innovation within your organization, it’s essential to be innovative yourself. Here are a few things you can do on a daily basis to reassure modernization and flexibility in your organization.

Don’t Make Processes the End-All Solution

Every efficient business needs processes. From purchasing and planning methods to customer refund procedures, processes improve efficiency and minimize confusion. However, it’s important to encourage an environment where processes and practices are flexible and open to change as needed. Rather than sticking doggedly to procedures that are no longer appropriate for your business, you should periodically change your methods to meet the evolving needs of your customers and organization. Think of processes as guides that can and should be replaced as your business grows.

Make Your Environment Light and Modern

One of the best ways to encourage innovation in the workplace is to create an environment that inspires it. A light, modern workspace can stimulate creative thought and help your employees think outside the box. Always show appreciation for innovative thought so the entire organization can see that you place great value and emphasis on constant evolution. The ability to establish and present a clear vision for your organization is an essential quality that differentiates a leader from a manager.

Replicate the Best Practices of Other Organizations

In many ways, a great leader learns how to recognize, appreciate and replicate the best practices he or she sees in others. Don’t be afraid to analyze other organizations to determine what makes them successful. You can then incorporate some of their most relevant techniques and ideas into your own organization as you see fit, and never underestimate your own past experiences. Learn from them and as your organization evolves allow your skills to develop as well.

Encourage Learning and Flexibility

Sometimes the most carefully laid plans don’t turn out the way they should. Surprises and even failures can become valuable learning opportunities when approached the right direction. As a leader, you should encourage your employees to learn from every failure and approach unexpected surprises with a positive, can-do attitude. After all, some of the most significant events in history happened after plans failed and innovative thinkers stepped up. With the right approach and attitude, any surprise or failure can potentially lead to an exceptional outcome.

Great leaders become that way with hard work and constant character development. As a leader in your organization, you must be willing to exemplify flexibility and innovation if you want to encourage these traits across your organization. Etech Global Services is a people-focused provider of performance development tools that can help you solidify positive relationships with customers and enable your organization to run more successfully. Learn how we can help you adapt your processes and systems to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers. Our business is evolving, so should you.

David Carrizales

David Carrizales

David Carrizales is SVP of Talent Acquisition & Training Excellence. His responsibilities include ensuring robust initial and ongoing training and development that fuels great retention and performance results. Leading initiatives and coordination to promote and enhance Etech’s brand in our communities. Recruiting and retaining great team members and leaders. Implementing tactical training for Operations and Training Leadership to better leverage and utilize tools like QEval, GrupoNGN, Numinary, etc. to support agent, leader, company, and client success.

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