How Do Speech Analytics Improve Every Metric?

How Do Speech Analytics Improve Every Metric?

Are you looking for a way to improve your call center metrics? Incorporating speech analytics is actually a great way to improve many aspects of your call center. This tool can help you improve the overall customer experience through a better understanding of the following areas:

  • Looking at Typical Response Times:

    How long does the average person wait on hold before getting through to a customer care employee? Minimizing this time can greatly increase customer satisfaction. Having a good understanding of the response time can help you figure out whether your resources are being used in the best way possible.
    Understanding Call Resolution: How many calls does it take for a customer’s problem to be resolved? If the answer is more than one, you can use the analytic software to figure out where your agents are going wrong by tracking certain keywords throughout the various phone calls. Getting more calls to be resolved without a transfer or follow-up can translate to higher employee satisfaction and lower operating costs as well.

  • Focusing on Customer Sentiment:

    What attitude do your customers usually have while on the phone with your call center? You can monitor both positive and negative keywords used in average phone calls to understand whether people are happy, mad, confused or irate. You can use this knowledge to train your staff to avoid phrases that seem to make customers mad.

  • Looking at the Management of Private Information:

    Do your employees properly handle private information? No matter what industry your company is in you likely have to deal with personal material. Mishandling customer addresses, billing data or history can lead to angry customers and even liability issues. This software can help you train and educate your agents, so they can perform better even in high-pressure situations.

  • Learning About Broken Processes:

    Has it been a while since you have reviewed the processes of your business? The software that analyzes speech can make it easier for you to monitor, analyze and improve your existing procedures. While you may not want to fix something that works, many companies fall into a rut without realizing that their once successful methods are now outdated. A constant identification of failing practices can help you avoid this with your business.

  • Keeping the Customer Satisfied:

    Do you know your average customer’s current thoughts on your company? Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to get a person’s thoughts on his or her experience with your business after it is over. However, these surveys tend to lack context and may be too subjective to be completely helpful. Speech analytic software, on the other hand, gives you a recorded conversation you can review anytime you want.

Once you have the speech analytics in place, you can monitor for keywords that you want representatives to either avoid or incorporate in their daily interactions with customers. This tool can improve all call center metrics because it gives you a window into who your customer is and what the typical experience with your business is like. In other words, you will be able to better understand the ways you can help your agents improve as customer liaisons for your company. Because this tool helps you monitor individual calls, you can even personalize the training to help individual representatives improve in their unique trouble areas.

This blog was first published on LinkedIn.

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