Tips on Maxing Out Your Chat Services

November 01, 2013 Patrick Reynolds

Companies today are constantly trying to improve their websites to make it stand out and have that “wow” factor amongst its users. Whether it is the amount of information on the site, or how many tabs a company can squeeze onto one page, these features all fall short to the ever important Customer Service. Users want and expect the same standard of Customer Service as they would if they walked into a brick and mortar store. Companies find themselves asking, “How can we provide the same Customer Service through a website??” The answer is, effective Live Chat! Listed below are 4 key steps to take to help ensure your Live Chat services are being used to their full potential:

Monitoring website traffic

It is essential to monitor website traffic in order to understand peak hours. This allows businesses the ability to gain a deeper understanding of their website and when their “busy hours” are. Monitoring website traffic also allows the company to see when the best opportunities are to increase conversion. Proper identification of these trends ensures the efficient allocation of resources.

Award more authority to agents

Businesses must grant more authority to their agents to allow them to make the final selling decisions while interacting with potential customers. Companies should want their agents to feel empowered while interacting with the customer. If agents are not properly equipped it can lead to loss of sales and revenue. Agents must be provided with detailed knowledge in relation to providing quality customer service and be given a greater freedom to carry out the interaction with the customer. Agents should be allowed to freely exercise their up-selling and cross-selling skills to close the sale.

Know your customers

One of the most invaluable pieces of information a business can receive is the customer’s feedback. Feedback provides the company with vital information in regards to what they are doing right and even more so, what they are doing wrong in the eyes of the customer. Knowing this information helps improve your businesses customer satisfaction level and allows you to deliver exactly what the customers desire. The easiest way to get to know your customers is through basic customer surveys that can be offered to the customers at the end of a live chat session. The customer can then describe their experience and give the feedback all businesses long for.

Improve efficiency of live chat process

Providing live chat services on a company’s website not only improves online sales and customer satisfaction, but it also helps shorten the sales cycle. By providing live chat on the website, it allows customers questions to be answered swiftly and accurately. To improve the efficiency of the live chat process, businesses can use advanced features like canned responses, push URL’s, and also screen sharing. These features allow agents to respond faster and therefore increase the customers overall perception of the interaction in a positive way.

To extract the maximum benefits possible from live chat services, businesses must focus on improving their live chat process. This by no means is an easy task, but we are confident that starting with above tips, it will definitely help get the ball rolling in the right direction. Trust us; it is what the customers want.

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds is the VP Partner Strategy for Etech Global Services and has 19 years of experience while working with Etech. Patrick has held variety of Leadership positons at Etech. His responsibilities at Etech includes leading Etech’s chat operations in the 4 Texas and the 2 India based locations.